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Times of Health Best Supplements and Products in 2019

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December 21, 2018
2019 Definitive Nutraceuticals Guide: Functional Food Healing And Health Supplements
In 1989, the founder of the Foundation of Innovation in Medicine, Stephen DeFelice, coined the term “nutraceutical.” It was a concept that combined the goodness of healthy nutrition with the disease-fighting power of pharmaceuticals. Over 25 years later, the concept is gaining ground as patients and healthy citizens alike look for safer and more effective ways to take charge over their own health.
January 18, 2019
30 Health Habits to Change This Month to Lose Weight and Improve Your Fitness in 2019
How do you lose weight that stays off and build muscle that stays on? Many people try crash diets or low carb diets that are hard to sustain, but for consistent results, the best strategy is to make changes in your daily routine to reap long-term benefits. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology by Phillippa Lally found that it takes at least 66 days for a new habit to become automatic.
December 17, 2018
Top Health Benefits of Whole Food Plant-Based Diets
In this era of an exponential increase in various types of disease, it’s vital to include plant-based diets in your meal plan to improve health. Plant-based diets are diets that center entirely on minimally processed foods of plant source such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, seeds and whole grains.You must not depend totally on plant-based diets but it’s expected that the majority of your daily diet should come from these foods.
December 18, 2018
Men And Women’s Top 10 Whole Body Wellness Foods For Optimal Health In 2019
If you want to enjoy optimal health then be ready to incorporate these foods into your daily diet plan. These healthy foods are loaded with the essential nutrients which lower the risk of several diseases. A 2006 report by the Australia National Health and Medical Research Council has confirmed that healthy foods help keep your body and mind strong.
February 23, 2019
FDA officially warns against infusing young blood plasma to ward off aging
A newly developed medical practice by scientists indeed sounds like a scene straight from a sci-fi film with people buying young blood and infusing it in their aging body as an attempt to improve health. As per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), many clinics across the US are infusing blood from young donors in the body of the willing receiver.
June 10, 2019
FDA on Vinpocetine: The Ingredient Pregnant Women Should Avoid Due to Risk of Miscarriages
The FDA provides regulations that primarily govern consumable products, though they don’t actually regulate supplements overall. Still, there is an ingredient that has a detrimental enough effect that the FDA has chosen to release a statement.
June 6, 2019
Sleep promotes better metabolic health, new study suggests
Having a regular sleeping pattern has been associated with better and pronounced impacts on one’s health. In such a recently conducted study, it reported that getting optimal amount of sleep can help in preventing the risks of having a labored metabolic health.
June 3, 2019
Research Shows Blue Screens Affect Our Eyes More than Previously Thought
New research shows that blue light emanating from the sun and digital screens is disrupting your body’s circadian rhythms. While this effect has been demonstrated in the past, a new paper published in Scientific Reports shows just how much blue light is messing with our eyes and our sleep schedules.
December 20, 2018
Nutrition Facts Label Truth: How Customers Can Go From Confusion To Confident
If you’re trying to eat healthy, grocery shopping can be a daunting task. Many products feature slogans claiming to be “low fat,” “high fiber,” “cholesterol free,” “carb smart,” or “light,” all of which can be confusing, misleading, or downright untrue.
December 18, 2018
New Ayurvedic Healing Guide For 2019: Quick And Easy To Understand FAQ
Ayurvedic medicine is as old as Chinese Medicine, spanning 5,000 years. Originally developed in India, it is an alternative practice that focuses on treating patients according to individual constitution instead of a specific ailment.
December 18, 2018
Alternative Medicine Tips: Natural Healing Through Detox
Glucosamine is a popular supplement used to maintain healthy joints. Glucosamine seems to work by reducing the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in your joints. It may also help to rebuild damaged cartilage and slow the loss of joint space caused by arthritis.
July 18, 2019
Best Glucosamine Supplements of 2019
Living in an industrialized world exposes human beings to a variety of toxins on a daily basis. From smog and fumes to fluoridated water and synthetic medications, toxic buildup in the body is inevitable. Detoxification therapy aims to expel these toxins to reset your system and give the body a fighting chance against disease.
July 17, 2019
Best Resveratrol Supplements of 2019
Resveratrol has become one of the trendiest nutritional supplement ingredients in recent years. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that may provide various health benefits. Some people take resveratrol to protect their heart health. Others believe it has anti-cancer benefits.
July 17, 2019
Best Superfood Supplements of 2019
“Superfood” has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the health community over the last few years. Suddenly, it seems like everything is a superfood. Kale is a superfood. Watermelon is a superfood. Broccoli is a superfood. But eating enough kale and broccoli can be difficult. That’s why some people have started taking superfood supplements instead.
July 19, 2019
Best Silica Supplements of 2019
Silica, also referred to as silicon dioxide, is deemed the oxide version of silicon because of its attached oxygen molecule. It is a significant component, as it makes up over 50 percent of the earth’s crust, not to mention its presence in many of the foods and drinks we consume today.
July 18, 2019
Best Wheatgrass Supplements of 2019
Wheatgrass is a trendy nutritional supplement made from the green shoots and sprouts of the wheat plant before it fully grows into wheat. Wheatgrass is naturally rich in antioxidants. Most of these antioxidants come from chlorophyll, which also gives wheatgrass its distinctive bright green color.
July 17, 2019
Study Shows Glutathione Helps Against Degenerative Disease and Cellular Stress Damages
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (“NM”) is a substance that is involved in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (“NAD”) production, which is related to energy production. NM supplements are designed to increase the body’s production of NAD.
July 17, 2019
What is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide? How NMN Helps NAD Production
Wheatgrass is a trendy nutritional supplement made from the green shoots and sprouts of the wheat plant before it fully grows into wheat. Wheatgrass is naturally rich in antioxidants. Most of these antioxidants come from chlorophyll, which also gives wheatgrass its distinctive bright green color.
Oral Health
July 1, 2019
Oral Hygiene Importance: Lack of Mouth Care Could Lead to Heart-Related Risks
Have you been repeatedly told by a dental hygienist that you need to floss twice a day? Did you by chance not take the advises given to you seriously? If the answer is yes to both, I myself am just as guilty.
December 17, 2018
5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Men to Gain Lean Muscle in 2019
It used to be a simple snack right before you hit the gym for that workout session but today everyone is talking about this magic, the pre-workout supplement. Most if not all people hitting the gym nowadays will recommend one of these pre-workout supplements as a way to increase your focus and energy in the gym during your workout sessions.
March 1, 2019
Early evening exercise doesn’t affect sleep and may also help lower appetite reveals study
If you wish to shed those extra pounds then it’s important to monitor your health on a regular basis. To reduce your weight in a natural, healthy way, you need to take the first step of setting realistic goals for yourself which you can reach in the coming weeks. Besides, exercising regularly is also important.
December 12, 2018
Top Natural Lean Muscle Building Foods
If you struggle to gain muscle even when lifting heavy weights or you want to improve exercise performance then you should consider eating these foods. Researchers have shown that eating more calories than you burn and consuming some unique nutrients will help you gain massive muscles. The calories that come from food will significantly increase lean body mass.
February 26, 2019
Staying mentally and physically active can help reduce chances of developing dementia
Want to reduce your risk of getting dementia? Well, staying mentally and physically active during your middle age can help, claims a new study. As per the study, mental and physical activities such as playing instruments, reading, singing, going to concerts, running, swimming, gardening can help lower the risk of developing dementia.
Weight Loss
December 12, 2018
Wholesome Healthy Foods For Weight Loss in 2019
Do you know that being overweight or obese can increase the risk of several chronic medical conditions? A 2014 report by the National Institutes of Health has shown that overweight and obesity can result in chronic diseases. However, there are ways you can employ to naturally lose weight and keep them off.
December 20, 2018
Top 10 Try-To-Do Tips For Achieving Your 2019 New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution
What's your New Year's resolution for 2019? If it's losing weight, you aren't alone. Each year, millions of people set a personal goal of losing weight. According to Statista, this is the second most common New Year's resolution, surpassed only by saving money. Unfortunately, statistics show that roughly 90 percent of people fail to keep their New Year's resolution.
December 21, 2018
Top 2019 Tips For Weight Loss During Your 40s And 50s For Men And Women
As you age, your body begins to slow down, causing you to gain weight in your 40s and 50s. Whether or not you continue this weight gain as you approach your 60s and 70s is often determined by how you react to this increase during your 40s and 50s.
December 20, 2018
Forskolin: Is Coleus Forskohlii A Miracle Drug Or Weight Loss Fat Burning Fad?
If you keep yourself updated with the latest health and fitness information, you might have heard or read about the hype surrounding a recent weight loss supplement called forskolin. Many people claim to have benefited from the consumption of this supposed weight loss miracle drug, but is there any truth behind those claims?
February 23, 2019
Interval training sessions are more effective in losing weight than cycling and jogging
Doing workouts which mix up high-intensity exercises with short intervals in between can prove to be extremely helpful in losing weight than compared to moderate intensity workouts, says a new study. The advantages of interval training to health have been examined on several occasions previously.
March 1, 2019
Low calorie and high protein diet can help older adults with obesity lose weight
A low calorie and high protein diet can help the older adults with fatigue and obesity in weight loss while also improving their bone density as well as preserving their muscle mass, says a new study.
July 3, 2019
Reviewing the Best Weight Loss Programs of 2019
A good weight loss program can change your life. A bad weight loss program can leave you feeling frustrated and weak. Many weight loss programs make similar claims. They claim to help you lose weight and keep it off, for example.
June 25, 2019
Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements: Top Ketogenic Products for 2019
Ketone esters, also known as exogenous ketones, are a trendy new supplement prized among dieters. The supplements contain a metabolized form of fat. By taking the supplement, you can encourage your body to enter a state of fat-burning ketosis.
June 25, 2019
Keto Shakes: Top Nutrition Powders and Smoothie Mix Recipes in 2019
Curcumin has been one of the trendiest compounds in the health supplement community in recent years. Found inside turmeric root, curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some even believe curcumin can kill cancer cells.
December 18, 2018
Top 10 Health Foods You Should Add To Your Meal Plan When Going On A Diet For 2019
Adding the best foods to your meal plan is a great approach you can take to protect yourself from illness. Rather than depending on pills for improved wellness, you can enjoy these health-promoting foods. They are loaded with numerous minerals and vitamins to keep your mind and body healthy.
June 18, 2019
Best Forskolin Supplements: Ultimate Guide to the Coleus Forskohlii in 2019
Forskolin has been a trendy supplement ingredient for the last five years. Many people use forskolin for its purported weight loss effects: forskolin may supress your appetite and increase your metabolism, making it easier to naturally drop pounds.
July 8, 2019
Reviewing The Best Digestive Enzymes of 2019
Your body uses digestive enzymes to break down the foods you eat. Today, many people take digestive enzymes supplements to improve their digestion. Digestive enzymes have been shown to improve absorption of nutrients while relieving issues like gastrointestinal distress, bloating, stomach pain, indigestion, and gas.
July 8, 2019
Reviewing The Best Prebiotic Supplements of 2019
Prebiotics are nutrients that feed the bacteria in your digestive tract. Today, some people take prebiotics to improve their gut health. By improving gut health, prebiotics can enhance digestion, boost immune system function, help you lose weight, and even improve mood and reduce stress.
July 9, 2019
Best Fat Burner Supplements: Top 46 Weight Loss Diet Pills of 2019
Every fat burner makes a similar promise. They all claim to help you lose weight more easily than competing supplements. A good fat burner contains ingredients that induce thermogenesis, suppress appetite, or enhance fat burning activity in other ways.
July 16, 2019
Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements of 2019
Garcinia cambogia is an herbal extract prized for its purported weight loss properties. Garcinia supporters will tell you that the herb can suppress appetite, for example, and induce fat burning. Since hitting the internet in 2013, garcinia cambogia has grown to become one of the trendiest weight loss supplements.
July 23, 2019
Best Thermogenic Supplements of 2019
Thermogenics are popular supplements used to burn fat, increase energy, and lose weight. Today, there are hundreds of popular thermogenics on the market. Many of them make similar promises. Some are even backed by concrete science. Thermogenics can also be dangerous: many dieters in the early 2000s used ephedra to induce fat burning.
July 9, 2019
Top 10 Health Facts Every Keto Diet User Should Be Aware of If Weight Loss is the Goal
Maintaining a lean and attractive figure, or losing weight first, is no easy task. In fact, it can take time, dedication, and it requires adopting a quality routine. One program that men and women may want to consider is the Ketogenic diet.
July 24, 2019
Best Kombucha Drinks of 2019
Kombucha is one of the trendiest beverages of the last five years. Some people drink kombucha for digestive health. Others like the taste and find it easy to drink kombucha all day long. As kombucha has skyrocketed in popularity, the number of kombucha products has also risen.
July 1, 2019
Reviewing The Best Nootropics and Brain-Boosting Smart Drugs of 2019
Nootropics are more popular today than ever before. Wall Street executives, tech entrepreneurs, students, and stay-at-home parents are using smart drugs to increase brain function. A good nootropic enhances your ability to learn and focus.
December 18, 2018
Men And Women’s Top 10 Superfoods To Eat For A Healthier Body In 2019
If you are looking for the natural way to improve your health, then pay more attention to your diet. Health experts have shown that the food you eat on a daily basis will determine your wellbeing. In other words, you can maintain optimal health by regular consumption of superfoods.
July 1, 2019
Reviewing the Best Curcumin Supplements in 2019
Curcumin has been one of the trendiest compounds in the health supplement community in recent years. Found inside turmeric root, curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some even believe curcumin can kill cancer cells.
July 3, 2019
Reviewing the Best Green Superfood Drinks of 2019
Green superfood drinks are a trendy new superfood. A growing number of people are using nutrient-rich green drink supplements to lose weight, boost energy, and improve general health. Green superfood drinks are packed with vegetables. It’s no secret that eating more vegetables is linked with better overall health.
June 25, 2019
Best Moringa Powder Supplements of 2019
Moringa powder is a trendy herbal extract purported to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Moringa has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. Today, as scientific research grows, studies continue to verify the power of moringa powder.
July 3, 2019
Reviewing the Best Bottled Water of 2019
Every human being on the planet needs water to live. Today, bottled water makers are competing to bring you the best, tastiest, most nutritious water from the purest sources worldwide. Many of us take clean water for granted. However, in many parts of the world, clean water cannot be trusted.
July 5, 2019
Reviewing the Best Detox Tea of 2019
Fueled by social media and growing scientific evidence, detox tea has grown to become one of the world’s trendiest supplements. Today’s best detox teas promise to leave you healthier, slimmer, and rejuvenated. They claim to cleanse the body and detoxify your system.
July 5, 2019
Reviewing the Best Juice Cleanses of 2019
Juice cleanses are a trendy way to detoxify your system and enjoy other health benefits. For a period of 1 to 10 days, you eat no solid foods, consuming only the juice from fruits and vegetables instead. Some people use a juice cleanse to lose weight.
July 8, 2019
Reviewing the Best Fiber Supplements of 2019
Many people use fiber supplements to manage weight, reduce appetite, improve gastrointestinal health, or reduce the risk of chronic disease. Increasing dietary fiber intake with a fiber supplement helps your body maintain good digestive healthy and regularity.
July 10, 2019
Reviewing The Best Diatomaceous Earth Supplements of 2019
Diatomaceous earth is a popular supplement for detoxifying the body. But with so many supplements on the market, it has become increasingly difficult to know which diatomaceous earth supplement is best for you. We want to help. Here are our rankings of the best diatomaceous earth supplements you can buy from major retailers like Amazon and Walmart in 2019.
July 25, 2019
Best Zinc Supplements of 2019
Zinc is a crucial mineral involved in multiple body functions. Zinc influences testosterone production, for example, and aids in a well-functioning immune system. Many of us don’t get enough zinc from our diets.
July 29, 2019
Best Creatine Supplements of 2019
Creatine is a popular bodybuilding supplement that can help you add muscle and gain strength. Some people take creatine to gain mass and size. Others take creatine to gain lean muscle mass, helping them become stronger without bulking up.
July 29, 2019
Best Beet Supplements of 2019
Beets are one of the hottest new superfoods. Although beets are as old as time, they’re suddenly prized for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Beets can even boost athletic performance, widening blood vessels and improving your endurance.
July 30, 2019
Best Glutathione Supplements of 2019
Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant prized for its ability to fight inflammation, neutralize free radicals, and cleanse toxins from your body. Although you can get glutathione from food, some people are taking a different approach: they take a glutathione supplement.
August 2, 2019
Best Astaxanthin Supplements of 2019
Astaxanthin is a trendy antioxidant found in nutrient-rich foods like algae and salmon. Today, many people take astaxanthin supplements for their purported anti-aging and disease-fighting benefits.
August 15, 2019
Best Garlic Supplements of 2019
Garlic is now considered a superfood. We know today that garlic has powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer while helping your body manage blood sugar.
July 2, 2019
Reviewing The Best Beard Oil of 2019
Beard oil can make the difference between a good beard and a great beard. After falling out of fashion for decades, beards have come back in a big way. Today, there are more beard oil options than ever from a growing number of distributors. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which beard oil is best for you.
February 26, 2019
Staying mentally and physically active can help reduce chances of developing dementia
Want to reduce your risk of getting dementia? Well, staying mentally and physically active during your middle age can help, claims a new study. As per the study, mental and physical activities such as playing instruments, reading, singing, going to concerts, running, swimming, gardening can help lower the risk of developing dementia.
July 23, 2019
Best Biotin Supplements of 2019
Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, plays a crucial role in multiple body functions. Today, many people take biotin supplements to improve their skin and hair health, for example. Others take biotin to boost metabolism and induce fat burning. Certain studies have indicated that biotin can synthesize certain proteins to improve hair thickness and strengthen nails.
June 7, 2019
CBD Oil Health Benefits: Top 25 Potential Wellness Effects of Cannabidiol
Due to recent legislation that has allowed many states to produce and sell CBD oil products and hemp-related foods and products, there has been a national frenzy to find out more about this exciting substance. The truth is CBD oil (otherwise known as “cannabidiol“) has been around for a long time.
December 21, 2018
Essential Oils Ultimate 2019 Guide: Uses, Types, Anti-Aging Skincare And Risks
Essential oils seem to be a modern hype, but in truth they've been used in traditional medicinal systems around the world for thousands of years. More recently, medical researchers have studied essential oils for the therapeutic effects of their numerous naturally-occurring chemical compounds.
December 18, 2018
Top 10 Natural Skincare Tips For Men And Women You Should Be Using In 2019
If the skin treatments you have been using are not giving you the results you want then it’s better to go natural. These days, it’s no news that most of the skin care products people are using are filled with harmful synthetic ingredients.
December 18, 2018
Men’s Top Skincare Tips For 2019: How A Manly Man Treats His Face And Body’s Skin?
Men are often forgotten about when it comes to skin care, although in the age of the ‘metrosexual’ more products are appearing on our shelves. You may hear some people saying that the only essential skin care products are soap, water and deodorant but this untrue.
July 9, 2019
Top Acne Treatments: Find the Best Skin Care Products and Systems Available
Acne is a problem that over 50 million Americans face on an annual basis, making the most popular skin concern in the world. Millions of companies have worked to develop solutions for these issues, here we help break down some of these available products.
July 16, 2019
Reviewing The Top Sunscreens Worth Considering
Sunscreen is crucial for protecting one’s skin, especially in the summertime when spending more time outdoors. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, everyone needs sunscreen.
December 20, 2018
Men’s Health And Testosterone: Know The Importance Of Testosterone To Male Health
When discussing male health, it is immensely important to develop a lucid and comprehensive perspicacity of how testosterone influences male health. While most adults understand that testosterone impacts the male libido and serves to increase strength and muscle mass, it does significantly more.