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New Clinical Study: High-Fiber Intake with High Protein Diet May Lead to Bloating



New Clinical Study: High-Fiber Intake with High Protein Diet May Lead to Bloating
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High-Fiber Intake May Lead to Bloating

According to a new study published in the Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology journal, a high-fiber diet can lead to bloating, if it is also paired with a lot of protein. This study was conducted among 164 participants who have more than the normal blood pressure readings. Each participant was given three different diets and their blood pressure was recorded after 6 weeks. Before starting a new diet routine, the participants were given 2 weeks to go back to their regular eating habits.

The research showed that the most effective among the three to lower blood pressure is the diet that is both rich in plant-based protein and fats. This diet was also proven to lower blood cholesterol. On the other hand, the diet that received a lot of bloating complaints was the high-fiber and high-protein diet. Researchers claim that people are 40% more likely to feel bloated when having this diet.

The Cause for Bloating

Ironically, one of the main causes of bloating is the increase in fiber-digesting gut bacteria. These bacteria increases when more fiber is digested body. However, these bacteria produce gas as a byproduct. According to Noel Mueller, Ph.D., co-senior of the research,

“it’s possible that in this study, the protein-rich version of the diet caused more bloating because it caused more of a healthy shift in the composition of the microbiome. Notably, the protein in these diets was mostly from vegetable sources such as beans, legumes, and nuts.”

Hence, a higher protein amount in your diet can reinforce the production of gas by these bacteria.

A Healthier Diet

Studies have shown that a healthy diet is needed in order to lessen the bloating. More than that, though, it is important to know that changes in your dietary patterns have a huge effect on the overall health of a person. Diet changes are seen within 24 hours. Mueller added:

“Bloating may be just a consequence of a healthy shift in the microbiome, so that if somebody is able to put up with the bloating caused by a high-protein, high-fiber diet, they may ultimately benefit more in other health measures.”

In spite of the chance of experiencing bloating, a high-fiber diet is still a healthy choice for people as long as it is paired with more carbohydrates.

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