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Robuvit French Oak Wood Extract May Enhance Mood and Energy



Robuvit French Oak Wood Extract May Enhance Mood and Energy
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A new study, titled Exploring the concept of vigor and dys-vigor in men of 50-65 years: effects of Robuvit was published in September 2020. According to the abstract, the purpose of the,

“Registry study was to evaluate the effects of Robuvit® (extract from oak wood), in otherwise healthy subjects (aged 50 to 65 years) who complained of decreased general vigor. Robuvit® has been shown to be effective in convalescence, chronic fatigue syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The study featured 40 male participants, 20 of whom were in the control group and 20 others in the SM + Robuvit supplement group. Participants in the control group adhered to a standard management (SM) plan including exercise, a healthy diet, and supplementation of potassium gluconate and vitamin C. Dissimilarly, the non-control group supplemented with 300 mg of Robuvit, in addition to the same standard management plan. The participants’ ages ranged from 50 to 65, and they had reported decreased vigor and stamina, and greater oxidative stress prior to the study. According to the abstract, all subjects completed the 4-week study. The results section of the abstract indicates,

“At 4 weeks, the scores in Robuvit®-supplemented subjects, were significantly higher for all vigor-related items in comparison with the scores of subjects managed with the SM only (P<0.05). In parallel, oxidative stress (plasma free radicals expressed in Carr units) was statistically lower (P<0.05) in Robuvit®-supplemented subjects than in SM only after 4 weeks.”

Nonetheless, the conclusion section makes clear that although Robuvit supplementation may improve vigor, “further evaluations need to be planned according to the concept of this pilot registry.” Indeed, the study is small and further research needs to be conducted.

Sebastien Bornet, the VP of Global Sales & Marketing at Horphag Research, the exclusive worldwide supplier of Robuvit (according to NutraIngredients USA), shared in a Nutraingredients-USA article that,

“Research and development are core components of our company’s mission, and it sets our branded ingredients apart in the industry. We certainly anticipate more studies on Robuvit in the future.”

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