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All Purpose Survival Staff Reviews – Tactical Walking Stick Worth It?



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A walking stick or cane was famous as a decorative show of authority and a defensive replacement for a sword in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, the truth is that our predecessors used it for thousands of years and reasonable cause.

It's no new idea or concept of using a stick for multiple reasons. The use of a walking stick goes back to history and has persisted for generations, including today.

However, it is often disregarded. Most people think that a walking stick is usually associated with a top hat or portrayed as a crutch for those who are disabled.

There are far too few individuals who know how valuable a walking stick may be, especially for someone that spends as much time as possible outside. We will dive into the numerous details of a survival stick and argue it might be the first multifunctional instrument for survival.

What is All-purpose survival staff?

Walking sticks, often known as staffs, are used separately. The primary material that is most widely remembered is the classic wooden walking stick. Some people even recycle wooden sticks from home objects to turn into employees or choose a fallen tree branch before or during a walk. Walking sticks can be purchased in sporting stores and come in color variations, decorations, or symbols. Like everything these days, the choices are unlimited.

The Tactical Walking Stick is a new option as an instrument for hiking, camping, and survival. Designed as part trekking pole, a fishing spear, fire starter, and all decked out as badass. This isn't a cheap plastic piece. The legs screw closely together, and the whole device has a kind of heaviness in hand that makes it feel terrific to use.

The tools it provides are perfect as a simple walking stick or hiking pole. If you encounter something or someone on the hiking trail, this is substantial and robust enough to protect if the situation calls for it. You can put the whole Tactical Walking Stick in the supplied shoulder bag when you walk with your hands full or have to climb a little bit.

Survival personnel, for all purposes, use the original “walking stick” and upgraded it for the 21st century. The Tactical Walking Stick divides into different storage parts, and when screwed together, the hard-narrow aluminum staff is about 45 inches long and a little over 1 inch in diameter. This is a high-end, professional hiking pole with many tools for survival. This implies that you do not simply wear a survival staff; you have a comprehensive toolkit for survival!

Each survival staff comes with all pieces of equipment. This contains a fishing spear, a sickle bladder, which can fold at an angle, a bottle-opening screw, a tungsten steel glass-breaker tip that serves as a walkway, a flat hammer base, and, of course. This means leverage and strength regardless of the emergency you confront! You can use this staff to sail rocky terrain, keep your balance, walk long distances, keep predators away, use the staff as a weapon, a lifting device, and obviously like any item within the shaft with one handle as long as you desire.


What are the functions of the All-purpose survival staff?

Support Survival Stick

Making your way through paths and thick woods with a walking stick is more doable for support. Whether you go up or down, use your walking stick to clear a path, get a better foothold or help get you down for a high spot. You can use your footstool as breaks to prevent your pace from going down or latch it onto a rock or fissure if you climb. In addition to yourself, you can also support a tarp used as an emergency shelter with a multi-purpose stick.

Hiking Stick Survival

Hold the survival stick before you and use it to clear your path by separating shrubs and branches or leaves and dense grasses. You can also use it to remove spider webs, especially if you don't like spiders too much. Other insects, animals, toxic plants, and even animal manure can be hampered. Use a survival stick to investigate or stick on such items if you are unsure, and never your hands or feet.

Walking Self-Defense Weapon Staff

Make sure that it's a robust stick with a finished look and not just any post you find on the road to utilize a survival stick as a weapon. You can use it to defend yourself against an enemy, be it human or animal. You can even use the Tactical Walking Stick in martial arts with the baton-like stick as a weapon. You can also create a spear by tying a survival knife on one end.

Carriage of gears and supplies

Even today, indigenous peoples worldwide use a carrying pole to transport heavy things they never imagined possible. Use your survival stick to assist you in transporting equipment and supplies. Pack your goods with a shemagh, tightly knotted at one end of the bar, and sling the rod on your shoulders. You can also carry your survival stick with more supplies. Put on either side of the bar, hanging bags of water or pots of water, inserting a stopper such as a notch or tie at both ends to prevent them from falling away. Put the stick center over your shoulders and balance the load to your destination.

Things to fetch/reach

This happens–an supply or equipment that falls on water, mud, puddle, or in an area where you do not dare to go. You can pick up or reach such items with a stick. It would be best to have a commodity across a physical barrier, and only a bar can pick up the thing. You can also reach a high structure tree with a stem for fruits, nests, or other food sources.


When you cross a log bridge across a stream or pass the water or other bodies, a walking stick can balance you to don't fall over. If you go through a muddy or rocky bed, you will be helped with a walking stick. If you're ready for it, and the water body doesn't get too large, you can also use a long bar like a pole vault so that you won't get wet.

Rod fishing

Your survival stick can be used as a fishing rod if you pack a piece of fishing equipment.

Depth measurement

Regarding the crossing of water bodies, a survival stick is helpful to detect dips underwater that could cause you to stumble. You can also use the post to determine where the following step is safe. This straightforward approach is also available with the bar whether you're in deep snow, marshland, or even the desert.


Use your survival stick to hit the obstacle like a club. A rock pillar or other things can be on the route, and a full bar can assist you in knocking them safely. You can smash the glass with a stick when in a building with glass doors or windows or inside an automobile. Make a knock with the bar on components around your entry or exit.

What are the features?

The all-purpose survival walking stick, which is unquestionably the most outstanding product available on the market today, is constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy for durability and strength. The CNC stick is equipped with three tools, an anti-skid, a magnesium rod, and a glass-breaker, making it excellent for EDC walking equipment. You are given a straight or T-handle handle, which is appropriate for both men and women. The overall surface of this tactical stick is hard anodized and bent for extended support for longer life and comfort.

The following are its unique features:

  • It is adjustable.
  • It is made of aluminum alloy.
  • Has three outdoor tools.
  • It consists of a magnesium rod.
  • It is anti-skid.


All-purpose survival walking stick VS canes

A walking stick and cane are fundamentally different, and that is their role. Canes are utilized for mobility aids and are designed to remove the pressure from a long-term sore joint. Nevertheless, walking sticks are typical for climbing or trekking in harsh terrains for the sake of balance and stability in the great outdoors.

The truth is that, despite their disparities, the most crucial advantages are the independence and mobility of their users. Both may be used to defend yourself and to boost trust without having to rely on anybody else.

Most walking sticks may be a fantastic self-defense weapon, and as they can be carried over the world, they provide excellent support for everyone. Sticks are allowed at airports and elsewhere, which means that you don't need to worry about an attack and feel vulnerable. They are therefore more portable and easy to use, making them excellent weapons of self-defense.

Final Words

It takes time to find the perfect tactical walking stick. Everyone has distinct characteristics according to their physical capacity, personal preferences, and even the law. It is crucial to know what you want and how to look for it. We hope you've discovered all you need to know with this article so you can choose the proper survival walking stick for you.

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