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Lidak Massage Gun Reviews – Does It Work as Advertised?



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Have no one to give you a soothing massage after a long day's work? Too busy to get a professional massage done at a spa or salon? Or do you think it isn't cost-effective to go for frequent massages?

Lidak is a sleek, compact, and surreal piece of massage equipment that will leave your body as relaxed as it gets. Use it on your head, back, arms, back, legs, neck, stomach, or wherever you feel discomfort!

The rounded massaging ball comes in a material that gives users a calm feeling of physical relaxation. And with the Lidak has several features and comes with additional equipment, you're in for a worthy investment when accounting for a handy massage gun.

Let's deep-dive into the specifics of the Lidak massage gun.

What Is The Lidak Massage Gun?

The Lidak massage gun is a piece of massaging tool that boasts exceptional ergonomics. It's not even moderately heavy, comes with a small digital screen, and does a phenomenal job eliminating muscle stress, bodily tension, and loosening up muscle fibers. Even better, the Lidak massage gun is capable of applying varying pressures and opening muscle knots.

With its multi-speed settings and perfectly crafted massaging touchpoint, users will begin to experience an enhancement in their flexing abilities. Moreover, it drastically cuts down recovery time from strenuous sports sessions or hectic gym workouts.

All in all, a fusion of factors such as adequate power and a noise-free machine formulation makes it an excellent choice for families. All credits to the QuietWall technology that uses smooth interconnections within the massage gun to eliminate the occurrence of noisy usage episodes.

As the makers say, “It's even quieter than your electric toothbrush.” Such comments complement its external aesthetics and the additional features.

How Does The Lidak Massage Gun Work?

The Lidak massage gun works with a brushless motor that transforms into vibrations capable of healing muscle soreness and overall bodily stiffness. With options from level 1 to level 20 to enhance its speed, this massage gun offers sufficient speeds to massage large muscles and other sensitive areas. It beats the coverage area on a body as compared to what foam rollers can offer.

Speaking of its working mechanism, it comes with a capacity to output 3200 percussions per minute. Even more fascinating is the presence of 7 different head attachments. These head attachments come in a combination of various sizes, shapes, weights, and overall design. Such variance in attachment types makes it simpler to use the same massage gun on areas ranging from the sole of your feet, palm, lower back, inner thighs, ab region, and even below your buttocks.

Owing to their generosity with the massage heads and speed settings, you'll also be gifted with an instruction booklet that teaches you what head and what speed works best for what body part.

Not to forget, the massage heads are made of plastic. This makes cleaning the massage heads after long and sweat-inducing workouts a much easier and hassle-free task.

What's more, you and your partner could take turns and use the Lidak massage gun on each other's backs! When you're looking for complete pain relief along with a thoroughly relaxed bodily feeling, make sure there's a second person to run it across otherwise hard-to-reach parts of your body.

Key Features of The Lidak Massage Gun

While this list of features goes way beyond most of the competitor's massage guns in the market, you'll be more than impressed with Lidak's range of functionality:

  • 24V rechargeable lithium-ion battery & an 18V AC charger permits a long-lasting battery life. Users have reported the need to charge the massage gun once in 7 to 10 days, despite an average of 30 minutes of daily usage.
  • Being lightweight, it weighs a meager 3 lbs. This makes it easy and a less tiresome process to navigate the gun across your body when you're craving some muscular relief.
  • The massage gun has a patented pressure sensor offering 30 levels of pressure outputs. Each level works best for a different body part and with varying heads of massage.
  • Offering 30-speed options, the Lidak massage gun brings the privilege of fast-paced and snail-paced massages. Learn how to move the massage gun properly around the area of stress.
  • It has a 120W brushless motor with high torque. This helps achieve high speeds while ensuring the massage is smooth as milk on the body.
  • With seven interchangeable head attachments, the Lidak massage gun becomes an all-in-one solution for a long array of massaging demands.
  • Since it comes with an attachment pouch, you can easily store all the other massage heads and have them all available for usage when you travel.
  • The patented QuietWall technology ensures that users can enjoy a noise-free and silent massaging experience. You'll hear nothing, but you'll feel the stress-release at every point of its usage!


Pricing of The Lidak Massage Gun

Both PayPal and debit and credit cards are accepted, be it a Visa card or MasterCard. Here are the different pricing options based on color and the number of other massage heads.

  • Black Lidak massage gun with seven massage heads: $149.99
  • Pink Lidak massage gun with seven massage heads: $139.99
  • Black Lidak massage gun with four massage heads: $144.99
  • Pink Lidak massage gun with four massage heads: $139.99

Additionally, there is a one-time offer on warranty for the Lidak massage gun.

  • 3-year warranty for $9.95
  • 5-year warranty for $19.95

Note: These products are offered at a flat 50% discount for a limited period.

Verdict on The Lidak Massage Gun

This massage gun has ventured into the industry to disrupt the status quo of handy home massaging equipment. With an on-screen indicator, touch power switch, and seven multi-functional massage heads, there is no doubt you'll be left with a fitter, revived, and rejuvenated version of yourself.

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