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CaPao: SnackFutures Plant-Powered Cacao Superfruit Chocolate Snacks




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Fruits are a food group known for their rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Not only do they help in relieving one’s digestive system, but they are deemed to make a positive difference in those experiencing poor bone health, kidney stones and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, too many fruits a day can be unhealthy due to its natural levels of sugar. This is where the cacao fruit comes into play.

The cacao fruit, which grows on the cacao tree, is where chocolate is derived from. The difference between the fruit and the well-known raw cocoa is that the latter is the roasted version, while the former is in its purest form. The purer the better as it implies enhanced nutrient content.

Understanding the possible health benefits of the cacao fruit are the creators of CaPao, snacks devoted to the superfruit. The purpose of this review is to take a closer look at how the cacao fruit has been incorporated in CaPao.

What is CaPao?

CaPao was created in an attempt to reduce cacao wastage in the world, as the whole fruit is rarely used. Co-Founder, Emanuel believe that said wastage of nutrition prevents consumers from making the most of it, not to mention the consequences faced by the environment.

So, what is it? CaPao is defined as a brand that offers plant-powered snacks. The foundation of each snack is the fruit’s juices itself, which have been described as having a “zingy, sweet, tart and zesty” taste profile. This being said, let’s take a closer look at what the team plans to offer.

What does CaPao Offer?

CaPao has transformed the cacao fruit into four different snacks, which include the mochi, smoothie balls, fruit jerkies and smoothie drinks. Here’s an overview of each product offered:

Cacao-fruit Mochi Pods: a Japanese treat made of japonica glutinous rice as its base. As for the CaPao’s approach on the mochi, the treat has the fruit on the interior, while the exterior contains the standard rice component, as well as nuts.

Cacao-fruit Smoothie Balls: contains nuts, seeds and the cacao fruit- all combined to create a ball. This can be viewed as a similar concept to an energy ball, which combines raw ingredients filled with nutrients. It is deemed to contain a rich source of fiber, protein and vitamins.

Cacao-fruit Jerky: this is a dehydrated version of the cacao fruit, which has been combined with nuts and seeds for a crunch factor (a factor typically associated with meat-based jerkies).

Cacao-fruit and Nut Smoothie: the cacao-fruit focused beverage is said to contain nuts, seeds and cacao fruit, just like the former snacks, but also contains oat milk.

Why Choose CaPao Snacks?

Besides the fact that CaPao has been founded on ensuring that wastage is eliminated and the promotion of a healthy environment, it serves as a snack that preserves the potential health benefits of the fruit. The embedded nutrients are what make these snacks worth considering.

According to the claims made, each serving contains three key essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium as well as antioxidants. Said nutrients are crucial as they contribute to one’s immune system, bone, heart and emotional health and ensures that the body’s natural defense mechanism has been fortified respectively. To learn more about CaPao and its journey towards wellness, click here.

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