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Sapling: Plant-Based Algae Omega-3 with DHA/EPA and Pre-Probiotic Products



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In today’s society, making health-conscious decisions has become increasingly popular. This typically implies ensuring that proper macro- and micronutrients are consumed. One thing many fail to realize is that the body does not only require vitamins and minerals. While a lot of emphasis has been placed on the aforementioned two elements, the exact level is not met when it comes to probiotics and omega fats.

Probiotics are vital as they ensure that delivered nutrients are safeguarded from the existence of bad bacteria in the gut. Gut health is deemed the essence of our bodies, as poor health can lead to weak functioning of organs. Then, we have omega fats, which have been proven to help fight mental health issues, poor eye health, and heart disease, while promoting brain health during pregnancy.

All this being said, finding vegan versions of said nutrients are difficult. For instance, yogurt is an exceptional source of probiotics, whereas fish is typically used to create omega fatty acids pills – both of which are neither vegan nor vegetarian-friendly. How do we create inclusivity? This is where Sapling comes into play.

The goal of this review is to introduce Sapling in terms of its purpose, their approach in creating health-conscious supplements and their overall affordability.

What Is Sapling?

Sapling stemmed out of necessity, as the supplements industry, according to the team, lacked plant-based solutions. The ultimate goal is to ensure that consumers have the possibility of switching to supplements that carry sustainable ingredients, should they decide to do so. Most importantly, Sapling is said to be founded on the yearn to make a positive difference to the environment.

To see how these goals have been reflected, let’s take a closer look at Sapling’s current products list.

What Does Sapling Currently Offer?

Currently, Sapling offers two plant-based supplements including the Pre+Probiotics and Algae Omega-3.


The Pre+Probiotics supplement is said to contain 4.4 billion CFU with spore-forming strains and PreforPro prebiotics. Spore-forming strains are derived from psychedelic mushrooms and includes the Bacillus subtilis (promotes growth of good bacteria, induces exceptional digestive health and creates a sense of balance), Bacillus coagulans (rids one from experiencing diarrhea), Lactobacillus acidophilus (immune system boost) and Bifidobacterium lactis (promotes good bacteria growth) strains.

In addition to the previously mentioned probiotics, PreforPro is also included, which is a prebiotic ingredient. We cannot have good bacteria if it wasn’t for prebiotics, as they serve as the former’s nutrition and is said to work effectively in both the small and large intestines.

Algae Omega-3

As the name hints out, the Algae Omega-3 is a vegan-friendly version of omega-3 fatty acids. Through the use of the algae plant, Sapling was able to achieve a serving size containing 300mg of DHA and 150mg of EPA. To make the most of the supplement, consumers are advised to take two softgels daily with meals, which is also applicable to the Pre+Probiotics supplement.

How Much Do Sapling Products Cost?

The current going price of the Pre+Probiotics is roughly $35 for a month’s worth of servings, whereas the Algae Omega-3, which is set for release shortly, is priced at $30 for the same number of servings. The prices appear to be reasonable as extracting said nutrients from plant-based ingredients are typically far more difficult than our meat and alternatives, not to mention the difficulty associated with ensuring that plant-based solutions can be viewed as an equal.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is clear that sapling, one of the fewest brands to date, is trying to redefine the supplements industry. Their goals are evidently reflected in their products, which serves as proof that plant-based ingredients are just as sufficient in delivering a good source of nutrients to the body as any meat or alternative.

As for sapling’s transparency, they’ve emphasized heavily on details to ensure that consumers are well-informed. Finally, though the prices may not be as pleasing as those of standard supplements, the fact that they strive to better human health, while positively contributing to the environment makes them a promising solution. To learn more about sapling, click here.

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