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Dr. Oz Claims to Appreciate Medicine Outside of Western Medicinal Practices Since the Beginning

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Dr. Oz Claims to Appreciate Medicine Outside of Western Medicinal Practices Since the Beginning
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The way in which medicine is approached varies across different parts of the world. While some may resort to self-healing ingredients popularly known to traditional medicines (i.e. Chinese Acupuncture and herbal remedies and India’s Ayurveda), others may have been trained to think prescription drugs and tests.

As time passes, more and more Western medicinal-trained physicians are being open to the idea of traditional practices with Dr. Mehmet Oz (popularly known as Dr. Oz) making this list from the very beginning of his practices.

According to CBD Snapshot, Dr. Oz’s willingness sparked from his cultural background, as the doctor was originally from Turkey, a country with over 120 plant-based remedies and a few animal-based remedies commonly used. Here’s an extract of Dr. Oz expounding on his openness and appreciation for “alternative medicine”:

“I learned medicine and I respected medicine, but at the same time I could see that there were other ways of seeing the world […] it wasn’t just through the lens of a traditional Western-trained physician. My willingness to tackle topics that were unorthodox within Western medicine was heightened because I grew up in that paradox.”

Dr. Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz has also learned a lot from the doctor’s openness to different approaches to medicine reports the news article, adding that his wife’s father was also a heart surgeon who was open to diverse medicinal practices.

Lisa believes that her own father’s emphasis placed on both science-based and alternative medicinal practices has given her husband “some credibility” as well.

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