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CBD Companies Focus on Hemp’s Healing Benefits with Essential Oils



CBD Oil Benefits
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CBD Healing Co. is a company that has created a line of CBD-rich products, combining them with the benefits that essential oils offer. The products can be purchased from a third-party online marketplace named Archer’s Arrows, which CBD Healing Co. has partnered with to distribute their remedies.

What is the CBD Healing Co.?

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially across the entire United States. Ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp has been legalized to cultivate, making CBD a legal substance to create and distribute. As a result, new companies have popped up with their own spin on this naturally effective formula. CBD Healing Co. is one of the many companies to arise, based out of Utah and rooted in essential oils.

All of the materials at CBD Healing Co. come directly from organic plants and trees, so the jump to offer CBD and hemp-based formulas isn’t drastic at all. Every bottle of hemp oil is free of any THC, and the owners of the brand understand how necessary it is to have these products from personal experience. The company entered the market in 2015, following a scary brush with death for the owner’s child, who had contracted a blood born infection, following his premature birth at 28 weeks.

To help remedy these tragic circumstances, the parents started to create their own remedies to push along the process of healing with CBD+essential oils, sourced from organic products in Colorado and Utah. Within a few days, the parents made progress, and they credit the fact that their child is alive today to the use of these formulas.

To bring the product to market, the parents decided to develop their CBD-rich oil and launch a company. Combined the healing and therapeutic effects of essential oil, they claim to have created the “most powerful, beneficial, broad-spectrum CBD product profile loaded with cannabinoids from industrial HEMP, RICH in CBD, and other minor-cannabinoids.”

Purchasing CBD Healing Co. Products

The official website doesn’t actually sell the products directly. Instead, they’ve teamed up with Archer’s Arrows as their third-party seller, where consumers can place their orders.

Some of their products include:

  • Orange-flavored tinctures, which includes different essential oils to adjust the experience (starts at $70)
  • Also available in CinnaMint, Lemon, and other varieties
  • Aromatherapy “Vape” Refill, which offers a vial of vape-safe liquid that can be used to add to refillable cartridges (starts at $70)
  • Massage oils, which are rich in terpenes (starts at $110)
  • Headache Pain Stress Away Salve, which can be applied to any area that needs relief (starts at $100)
  • Veggie Capsules, for consumers that want the benefits without the taste (starts at $80)

Consumers can purchase the tinctures in an individual bottle or in a Pain Roller ($50). Along with the products for humans, the creators at CBD Healing Co. see the need for pet products in the industry as well, which is why they’ve developed a second tincture line for furry friends. The tinctures are available in 250 (8.33mg) or 500 (16.66mg) concentrations, and they can be directly applied or mixed into foods. The bottles start at $40, while the treats start at $43.

To make a purchase, consumers must visit here. However, considering the effects that CBD or any cannabis-related or hemp-related product can have on the body, it is best to speak with a medical professional before integrating it.

Contacting the CBD Healing Co.

Considering the wealth of information available online, consumers may want to learn more about the brand or ask questions about the details provided. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 1-833-223-2873.

Consumers can also fill out the online form to submit any inquiries.


Presently, there are still many things on the website for CBD Healing Co. that are under construction, so consumers will likely learn a lot more about the company as they progress. Along with the many products that they offer, CBD Healing Co. also has available appointments for consumers that want to learn more about the industry and what CBD may be able to do for them. All of the remedies are completely organic, and consumers can even get a 99.99% concentration of CBD with the use of the isolate tinctures.

To get the latest updates on this company, consumers can follow them on Facebook. The company posts promotional information for their brand and have recently added a new store location in Kansas.

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