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Cannergrow: Is Cannerald a Legit Medical Cannabis Research and Production Company?



Cannergrow: Is Cannerald a Legit Medical Cannabis Research and Production Company?
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Switzerland-based company Canneraid founded Cannergrow, a project that focuses on professional cultivation and easy customer-end-web interface. As the platform explains on its website @, it offers “the first and so far only Plant-Growing-Service in the Cannabis industry.” The company owns plants in several locations in different countries, and it operates internationally.

Cannergrow’s plant-growth solution is called Plant Sale, which it refers to as a “billion dollar market” on its website. Here are a few of the main qualities associated with Plant Sale:

  • Premium Quality Cannabis

    First, the cannabis produced by Plant Sale is of premium quality. The quality is influenced by various factors, such as lighting, ventilation, and irrigation. By managing and overseeing these qualities during the growth process, the brand works to ensure that the cannabis it produces is one of which meets quality standards.

  • Equipment at Plantations

    Second, the equipment is located at the growth plantations so that the platform can gain an advantage over other competitors. The equipment may enable processing at the location for potentially better results.

  • Digital Sales of Plants

    Third, a particularly unique quality associated with Cannergrow’s offerings is that the plants are sold digitally. As the brand explains on its website, “every digital sold plant will represent a physical space of a plant in our grow room.” The brand also subtracts running costs from the harvest and splits 50% to the company and 50% to the customer.

  • Packages

    Fourth, several packages are available. The packages are priced in euros and pricing is based upon how many grams of CBD is generated per grow. For example, 25 grams of CBD is priced at 350 EUR, while 2.5kg of CBD is valued at 35.000 EUR. Other factors that affect the harvest amount include the strain, fertilizer, watering, and other factors. Further, the harvest amount can vary from 5 to 60g.It is important to note that eth platform does make clear on its website that it does not guarantee a stable selling provider for one’s harvest of CBD.

These are just a few of the main qualities associated with Cannergrow’s plant-growth solutions. Users can also view the locations in which it grows its plants. Two of the locations are Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Switzerland location is located 30 minutes from Bern, the minimum planned plants is 9,000, and the maximum possible plants is 18,000. The available area is 1.500m sq. On the other hand, the UK location is located in RAF Greenham Comma. The minimum planned plants is 15,000, while the maximum possible plants is 112,000. The available area is 5.200m sq.

Overall, Cannergrow is certainly a unique service and solution that businesses and individuals may want to consider for their CBD growth needs. The circumstances described above are elements that the brand uses to safeguard the quality of its plant products so that consumers can ultimately be satisfied with the plant end product. To learn more about Cannergrow and its offerings, the platform has a nifty presentation that users may want to browse through and that can be found here.

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