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Why is Diatomaceous Earth an Essential Ingredient to Use When Growing Medical Cannabis Plants?



Why is Diatomaceous Earth an Essential Ingredient to Use When Growing Medical Cannabis Plants?
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Starting at a very early age, parents and caregivers tell children not to put dirt in their mouth. Now researchers are advising that eating it can offer us a variety of health benefits. With that said, it is a very specific kind of dirt. Diatomaceous earth has many uses and it is also quite inexpensive for consumers. Firstly, Diatomaceous earth (DE) can be used as part of a detox to release toxins from the body. A food grade DE can be mixed into any food or beverage of your choice to help kick start this process.

Because DE has detoxifying qualities, it can also be used to purify water. In fact, many water filtration systems already use it. It is a natural product that helps eliminate impurities as well as parasites from water. This can be applied in both human and animal food. It also contributes to bone, joint and ligament health to help keep you and your animal friends active. Additionally, it serves as extra protection for your skin, nails, and teeth. Doctors have also seen improvements in digestion as well as liver and colon health. Many consumers use it to help lower their cholesterol, repair lung damage, and prevent kidney stones, but it is always recommended to speak with a health care professional before making any product a part of your regular diet.

Detoxifying your body can in turn boost your immune system. If you are already feeling unwell, adding DE to your diet can help combat against various bugs and viruses. It gives you an energy boost and helps maintain your body’s systems as they should be functioning. Along the lines of self-care, DE can be applied as part of homemade deodorant, toothpaste, and facial scrub. Consuming DE can also help to maintain collagen levels in your skin, keeping your skin looking tighter and younger for longer. It also helps to keep hair and nails healthy and shiny.

In other applications, DE can help deter insects in your home and fleas from your pets. Some farmers even use it in chicken coops and on their goats to help combat against mites. It can be applied directly as a sort of powder. Some people even use it to get rid of head lice. DE can also be used for food storage to prevent bugs from invading your flour or other grains. This use is not limited to your home but can be used in your garden as well to prevent pests. Because it is natural, it won’t affect your gardens in a negative way, but rather add to the nutrients in the soil.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used in a variety of cleaning applications including deodorizing the fridge and garbage cans, getting rid of stains, cleaning up spills, and scrubbing surfaces that require an abrasive yet gentle cleanser. Continuing along the lines of deodorizing, it can be added to litter boxes to help eliminate moisture as well as odor. With many benefits to animals, DE can be used as a dewormer, overall health supplement, fly deterrent, as well as improve milk production and egg quality in farm animals. The uses appear to be endless and at such a low cost, it is worth a shot to determine in how many ways it can benefit your life.

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