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Introducing the New Vital Proteins Collagen Water



Introducing the New Vital Proteins Collagen Water
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Collagen has been known to nutritionists and researchers as the key to successfully preventing the worst signs of aging for years. The substance is often referred to as one of the “glues” of the body, linking together bones, muscles, and skin. A sufficient amount of collagen helps to keep the body functioning well, and the skin looking youthful and pretty. Too little collagen, though comes with a number of negative effects.

As the body ages, we naturally begin to product less and less of the collagen so essential to our healthy aging. The body produces smaller amounts of the substance each decade starting at around age twenty. Though this loss of collagen is natural, the body does not stop needing it as it becomes less and less efficient. To the contrary, the body only begins to require more collagen to tightly bind together the essential components of its makeup.

But for many consumers, ingesting the powdery compound can easily turn into a chore. Many companies offer a powder that can be easily mixed into food or drink, but the chunky clumps of protein that often result still put many users off of using the product at all, preventing them from accessing some of the coolest benefits of collage. Vital Proteins has created a unique, premade collagen water to help solve some of these issues.

About Vital Proteins

The company behind this unique new collagen water blend has a relatively impressive history in the protein and supplement industries. The organization elaborates on their official website that their underlying philosophy is that every consumer can “make the most” out of their lives through the use of strategic, healthy supplements and a set of good lifestyle choices. This philosophy is explained best in the company’s final sentence in their “Our Story” section—“your body shouldn’t be a limitation, but a catalyst.”

The products sold by Vital Proteins are all made using essential proteins sourced from a singular set of “pasture-raised cows” in both Brazil and New Zealand. Additionally, the company sources their fish proteins from wild fish caught in Hawaii. The company is direct in their explanation about why they’d go so far to these distant sources to procure their ideal ingredients—the company thinks that “high-quality building blocks” are essential to the creation of the ideal body prepared for “life’s adventures.”

Collagen Benefits

Collagen is a protein found all over the body. As we age, our bodies slowly begin to produce progressively smaller amounts of collagen. Starting at around the age twenty, we lose some collagen every decade in significant amounts. This collagen was used to bind together bones, muscles, and skin all over the body. When collagen begins to degrade and our bodies produce less and less of the essential substance, we experience a number of negative, age-like harms.

Ingesting collagen has been shown by nutritionists all over the world to help reverse some of the harmful effects of aging. Collagen supplements can help to increase skin youthfulness, digestive function, overall energy and happiness, and a number of other general bodily functions. In general, consumers generally find that collagen helps to make them appear and feel significantly younger.

In the form of vital protein collagen water, the collagen maintains its effectiveness. As of writing, no studies have been published to negate the benefits from this particular form of collagen ingestion. As a consequence, the collagen water made by Vital Protein offers users a number of benefits in an easily-usable form of collagen. Users who could benefit most from Vital Proteins Collagen Water are those who have been affected significantly. by the aging process.

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