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Cannabis has transformed itself from a criminalized drug to a multibillion-dollar global sensation




Cannabis has transformed itself from a criminalized drug to a multibillion-dollar global sensation

It is not news that cannabis has made its way into the world of medicine and therapeutic approaches. With so many benefits to reap, it is most definitely an amazing boom in the industry as well. It is not just the medical industry which is getting benefited by it but the impacts have outspread across varying niches of the market.

The market of legal cannabis is one of the hippest and dynamic industries currently. Even since its legalization back in 2012 by Colorado, it is witnessed a big boom with the advent of several multi-billion dollar organizations making their way to the top of the spectrum.

If you thought the boom is just around the medical and therapeutic approaches, you were slightly mistaken. From its impacts on some of the publicly traded companies to the startups and even on the federal drug policies, the impacts are profound and very important to have knowledge about.

Let us touch bases with some of the basics, shall we?

Cannabis M&A

  • One of the Canadian investment banks is working to implement a very critical regulatory approval to help solve the loopholes in the US Marijuana industry
  • Marijuana companies are hacking with the backdoor strategy to help tap the public markets
  • Cresco Lab is acquiring its competitor for $825 million

Wall Street

  • Several Wall Street firms are working on evaluating ways for drug testing employees
  • Citigroup is thinking of working with the pot companies
  • BNY has initiated its work with marijuana ETF

Cannabis Boom

  • CBD companies have been reportedly courted quite hard by one of the units of US Bank
  • Square has initiated their work with collaborating with a select few startups
  • Whole Food’s CEO dropped hints they could have cannabis products next

Venture Capital and Startups

  • Crowded CBD space will bring forth more competition, the investors think
  • CEO of one of the biggest cannabis vape startups is talking to bankers about a possible IPO
  • Cannabis startup, Headset raised $12 million in funding in deals with Deloitte and Nielsen

These prospects are some of the booming trends that are left to change the course of how people source their cannabis in the coming days. With so many changes placed forth, there are possibilities that this trend is going to experience tumbling changes in coming days.

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