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The Clear Health Program Review: Personalized Nutrition Diet Plans



The Clear Health Program Review: Personalized Nutrition Diet Plans
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In recent years, the global scientific community seems to have come to a consensus on the fact that there is no one particular diet that works in exactly the same way for everyone. This begs the question: how can you be sure which regimen works for your body type? To answer this question, it is necessary to come to understand the complex specifics of your body, including its type, metabolic rate, exercise and vitamin preferences, and a host of other personal factors.

To be a bit more specific, different people have varying responses to the level of sugar that is present in their bloodstreams. For example, the same food can create different effects on individuals coming from the same family or even identical twins. This just goes to illustrate that a one-size-fits-all diet plan is not the right move for most people.


Individuals who consume meals on a regular basis (i.e. every 2 hours or so) have been found to trigger a high (unhealthy) glycemic response in their systems. This not only harms their internal metabolic engines, but it also causes them to suffer from other issues such as loss of energy, weight gain, heart ailments, and more.

Some diet plans force an individual’s blood sugar to remain at their peak levels for extended periods of time. As a result of this, issues such as fatigue, hunger, and weight gain can become more and more prominent. The Clear Nutrition Program combined science with versatility for their unique dieting guide.

What is The Clear Health Program?

In its most basic sense, the Clear Nutrition Program is a three-week dieting program creating with healthcare professionals to help consumers lose weight and feel their best.

Some of the plan’s core facets include:

  • Glucose Monitoring: As part of the Clear Nutrition Program (CNP), users will need to keep a close tab on their individual glucose levels.
  • Scientific Understanding: An extremely important aspect of the program is the way in which it helps users understand their personal responses to various food items.
  • Specialized Diet Reports: Members following the system are routinely provided with highly specific data-driven diet reports.
  • Streamlined Access to Special Whatsapp group: Every subscriber is provided with uninterrupted access to a special Whatsapp group that is looked after by a highly trained nutritionist.
  • Regular Recommendations: The Clear Nutrition Program provides users with a detailed list of foods that are best suited to one’s individual needs and requirements.
  • Alumni Community: Program members are given access to CNPs alumni community with other AI dieting peers.

The Clear Health Program’s Design

The Clear Nutrition Program has been designed as a three-week weight loss system over the course of which, various facets of the user’s health are dealt with in a systematic manner.

Week 1 — Baseline

During the first week of following the system, users are required to make use of the provided glucose monitor which Clear provides and helps to set up, users of the Clear Nutrition program will need to log exercise and sleep, any and all food they eat and drink, and what mood they were in:

  • Daily food intake
  • Various mood states experienced
  • Amount of exercise done
  • Sleep quota

In its most basic sense, this phase can be thought of as the calibration part of the program that helps users gain a better understanding of their physical and mental conditioning.

Week 2 — Diversify

As part of the second week, users will be required to diversify their food and exercise habits and continue watching the glucose monitor. By doing this, users will be able to understand the “range and diversity” of their bodies in a simple and effective manner compared to how their body responds to the foods they consume.

Week 3 — Results

During the last week of the program, the experts behind the Clear Nutrition Program (CNP) will make use of all the data they have collected pertaining to the users, and then construct a diet plan, based off the users data, then prepares a list of foods best suited for their physical needs and activity levels. The users will also be provided with a consultation, if they choose so they can learn more about their results.

Who is behind The Clear Health Program?

This program includes a number of well-educated leaders on the senior staff. Among this group are two P.h.Ds and an M.Sc.

Madelon Bracke, Ph.D., CSO (Chief Scientific Officer)

Madelon is a health expert who started off her career in the field of cellular biology. She holds a Ph.D. and has also carried out extensive research within a whole host of specialized domains such as immunology, hematology, pharmacoepidemiology, regenerative medicine & stem cells.

Piet Hein van Dam, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

Piet is a seasoned data entrepreneur, who has worked on a number of projects within the public and private sectors. In his own words, he claims to have started Clear in order to help users stand their biological ins and outs so that they can make more informed decisions regarding their lifestyles.

Jim Leseman, M.Sc., Chief Nutritionist

Jim is a health expert who has worked for a number of data-driven research firms in the past. His core objective in working for Clear is to help users figure out the perfect diet for themselves via the use of clinically validated data as well as digitally advanced algorithms. According to the official company website, Leseman is especially interested in teaching his clients about unhealthy habits (such as excess sugar consumption) and how they can switch to healthier alternatives in an easy, streamlined manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clear Health Program

Users likely have a number of questions about this dieting program. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Clear Nutrition Program.

Q: Why do you need to monitor glucose?

A: The glucose model is a key component of this nutrition program because it helps consumers to note how their body is responding to various foods. Keeping your glucose levels appropriate is exceedingly important to weight loss.

Q: Who can use this program?

A:Users win this program cannot participate in rough or strenuous sports and must have access to an iPhone to use some of the relevant materials. Beyond that, this program is open to nearly everyone.

Q: How often should the scanner be used?

A: The people behind the program recommend scanning once every 8 hours because the memory chip only holds 8 hours of data at a time, and when the user scans it will record their personal data into their own record. You should also scan at the same time every day, ideally as soon as you get out of bed, once at lunch, and again before going to bed, As for the cost and effort required to use the Clear Nutrition Program, the company states that “It's plan that’s evidence based and designed to keep you energized, manage weight and have long term health. You decide if that’s worth it.”

Consumers that need more help with questions about the program can contact the company by email, or write to them at:

Clear B.V.Fred. Roeskestraat 115, 1076 EE Amsterdam.

Purchasing The Clear Health Program

At press time, interested individuals can go to the official product website in order to sign up for one of the many CNP batches that are scheduled to commence over the course of the coming few months. Listed below are a few of the batches that will be starting shortly:

  • Mon, 9 March (19:00)
  • Mon, 23 March (19:00)
  • Mon, 6 April (19:00)
  • Mon, 13 April (19:00)
  • Mon, 20 April (19:00)
  • Mon, 27 April (19:00)
  • Mon, 11 May (19:00)

It also bears mentioning that remote check-ins are possible. From a pricing standpoint, a single purchase of the CNP system requires users to pay € 199.00 EUR. Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues, including MasterCard, AMEX, Paypal, etc.

The Clear Health Program Final Thoughts

The Clear Nutrition Program, is a program that helps the user to figure and maintain weight levels, using a glucose monitor to help track sugar levels from the various foods they consume. There are a few stipulations as to who should and should not try this program, between the required monitoring of the glucose meter, and following the recommended list of foods the user will need to commit to. Otherwise the Clear Nutrition Program is for anyone who has tried to lose weight with other diet programs but still ends up failing.

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