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The Complete Exodus Effect System: True Anointed Oil Healing Program



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Anointing is deemed a common practice followed by modern Christianity. Used in the Old Testament, the oil is supposedly poured on the head of a high priest and its descendants. While it is referred to in the New Testament, its exact uses have not been made clear. That said, the recipe for the anointing oil is found in Exodus 30:23-24, in which Pastor Andrew claims that an ingredient was mistranslated.

The recipe reads, “liquid myrrh 500 shekels, and of sweet-smelling cinnamon [250 shekels] and 250 of aromatic cane and 500 of cassia, according to the shekel of the sanctuary and a hin of olive oil.” And the mistranslated word? “Kanabos”, which is the Hebrew word for cannabis.

This is where it is most fit to introduce the book, the Exodus Effect System. As per the claims made, this book will help in ridding many of the common health concerns experienced today.

What Is The Exodus Effect System?

The Exodus Effect System educates consumers on how to make the “true Holy Anointed Oil,” which as per Pastor Andrew has been misinterpreted for a long time. This updated recipe is believed to treat a number of health conditions including arthritis, and diabetes while preventing the formation of newer illnesses.

In addition to the Exodus Effect System, consumers will also be offered three bonuses, which are:

  • Divine Pet: a guide that informs consumers of the benefits of Anointed Oil for pets (i.e. cats and dogs)
  • The Lazarus Effect: tips and secrets that will supposedly add, 5, 10 or even 15 years to one’s life
  • Hidden Prayers: As the name implies, this guide contains prayers, namely 33, which were believed to be hidden at some point regarding the Holy Oil.

The entirety of this system will cost consumers a total of $47. The reason for revealing said hidden ingredient, as per Pastor Andrew, is to ensure that those who follow the Christian faith do not shut down the secret ingredient, i.e. cannabis. The latter is a result of the Bible indicating that the Holy Spirit lives in each and everyone’s body and that anything harmful should not be ingested. Now that it has been revealed that cannabis might be “God’s healing oil,” consumers are urged to educate themselves on the plant.

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