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Brickell Men’s Products: Quality Skin Care and Hair Care Body Grooming?




Brickell Men’s Products
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The skincare industry has recently taken a sudden turn. In the past, consumers rarely looked at what was in each skincare essential and focused primarily on the difference they could potentially make. The former is typically not expounded upon, until today that is.

As consumers begin to understand the side effects of using products filled with toxic, synthetic chemicals, skincare brands are beginning to side with them by changing their approaches. One brand devoted to men’s skin health is doing the same and it is none other than Brickell.

Brickell focuses heavily on skincare and shaving and grooming products, all of which are said to be made using organic ingredients. To what extent can said toxins ruin men’s skin health? The following review will look closely at Brickell’s approach to men health by reporting on their purpose, products offered and overall affordability.

What is Brickell?

Brickell was founded with the hopes of serving to each and every man. In particular, they specialize in skin and shaving essentials that leave men feeling and looking good, while ensuring that effectiveness and safety are not compromised. Their approach in making this a reality rests in choosing natural and organic ingredients, as opposed to synthetic chemicals.

Why men need to stop picking products with synthetic chemicals …

Shaving can become a dangerous activity if men retort to products with synthetic chemicals. The primary reasons why include the possibility of experiencing cancer, while producing harm to the environment.

The former requires more highlighting, as the seriousness of the issue is typically downplayed. In general, any topical solution leads to bodily absorption. This induces embedded toxic to reap deep into one’s bloodstream and over time can damage the body’s organs.

With what’s been shared thus far, let’s take a closer look at the types of products Brickell offers along with popularly used ingredients.

What does Brickell currently offer?

Most of the essentials offered by Brickell revolve around one’s face, body, skin, and hair health, and the obvious, shaving-related products. To see how their approach varies from existing competition, here’s a sample analysis of some of their products:

Daily Defense Face Moisturizer for Men

The Daily Defense Face Moisturizer is said to protect men from the effects of anti-aging, while ensuring skin hydration is met. The key ingredients used include aloe vera (responsible for moisture delivery to the tissue), natural zinc oxide and titanium-based SPF (protection against UV rays), green tea (anti-aging antioxidants) and vitamin E (giving free radicals a good fight).

Hybrid Glide Shave Oil for Men

The Hybrid Glide Shave Oil has dual purposes, i.e. it can serve as a pre-shave oil or a shave oil one its own. It has been created to ensure that men’s skin is well protected before shaving and has the potential to contribute towards skin repair and renewal.

Key ingredients include argan and jojoba oil (deemed to create protective layer between blade and skin), vitamin E and algae extract (protects skin from irritation via nutrients delivery) and aloe vera (aiding in increasing skin moisture).

The two aforementioned products are just some of a diverse collection of essentials offered to men. Right off the bat, it is evident that emphasis has been placed on natural ingredients, which is part of Brickell’s mission. Other ingredients men can expect to see in their line of products include, but are not limited to shea, coconut, hyaluronic acid, olive oil and alpha hydroxy acid.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it seems like Brickell’s mission for men health has been attained, as it is well-reflected in the products offered. What make’s each Brickell essential unique is the multiple purposes they offer.

For instance, their shaving cream doesn’t simply stop at removing hair, but also contributes to the treating, reparation, and maintenance of skin health. All four of these purposes are typically bottled as different solutions, but this is not the case with Brickell, which is their competitive advantage.

As for its affordability, products can range anywhere between $15 and over $200, but once again, this is made up of the multiple purposes delivered along with skin-healthy ingredients, something that’s rarely witnessed in men’s health. Want to check it out? click here.

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