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MGC, Micelle Technology Propose Curcumin and Artemisinin-based Treatment ArtemiC for COVID-19 Patients

Deborah Killion



MGC, Micelle Technology Propose Curcumin and Artemisinin-based Treatment ArtemiC for COVID-19 Patients
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A new oral spray solution is currently in a trial phase and has been deemed a potential treatment for COVID-19. Referred to as ArtemiC, this product was developed by MGC, an ASX-listed phytocannabinoid company and Micelle Technology reports Nutra Ingredients-Asia.

ArtemiC will be tested on COVID-19 patients in Israel’s Nazareth Hospital EMMS. Expected to take place sometime this month, the team will be conducting this clinical trial for 2 weeks and will be placebo controlled with fifty patients between the ages 40 and 75. The outcome of the clinical trial will be made known in September 2020.

MGC spoke to Nutra Ingredients-Asia regarding this endeavor, as it is solely responsible for the clinical trial testing. On that note, the firm has since shared that a number of factors including the time it took to achieve a negative COVID-19 test, the reasons for their ICU stay and both the incidence and how long the patient was on ventilation among others will be measured.

ArtemiC is said to contain 20mg of curcumin and 6mg of artemisinin per ml of use. Curcumin is an active compound found in turmeric. It is primarily known for its antioxidants-rich, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties – all of which could help to boost one’s immune response to COVID-19. The ArtemiC formula also includes vitamin C and Boswellia serrata.

Then there’s artemisinin, which is a Chinese herb, i.e. wormwood bush, that has been found to rid one of malaria. Besides carrying anti-malarial properties, this respective ingredient also has the potential to boost one’s immune system.

The decision to choose artemisinin rests in the mere fact that existing studies have found it to be effective. MGC further reasoned that combining the former with curcumin, results in:

“Antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities relevant to multiple aspects of the pathophysiology associated with COVID-19.”

Micelle Technology’s role in creating this solution rests in their ability to formulate nano-sized micelles. This has been argued as resulting in a higher bioavailability of curcumin and artemisinin. Moreover, MCG found that the micelles structures,

“Have improved access to sites of inflammation associated with increased permeability as expected in conditions of acute lung injury of the nature encountered in COVID-19 pneumonia.”

Other recent trials using natural supplements such as omega 3's and honey were tested on Covid 19 patients for assistance in recovering.

As for what’s to come in the future, the duo will continue their efforts in testing the treatment so that results are reliable and eventually, the treatment is available to all.

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