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Metcon-6: Six Minute Fat Loss Workout Training Manual and Exercise Guide




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Do you ever leave the gym feeling sore and exhausted? Have you been told that soreness is good, as it signifies the hard work you put into training? If the answer is yes to both, this is actually the norm, but did you know that this could be putting your health at risk.

According to certified strength and conditioning specialist and licensed personal trainer, Chandler Marchman, what fitness elites consider fitness is the wrong way to go about things. Marchman believes that lifting heavy for instance causes wear and tear in joints and tissues, creates an imbalance in one’s physique and could induce health issues in one’s later years of life.

Instead of choosing such forms of exercises (whether it be intense weight training or excessive cardio), Marchman believes that balanced forms of training should be considered, this includes high-efficiency cycle workouts (helps to increase one’s metabolism and burns fat quickly), swing training (enhances one’s strength and endurance, while increasing one’s metabolism) and full body training (for balanced physique).

All this being said, these preferred types of training appear to be time-consuming as well don’t they? This is the best time to introduce Marchman’s “Metcon-6”, which is deemed the effective way to target fat storage.

The following review will look closely at the main goal(s) behind Metcon-6, while highlighting key features including what it entails and its affordability.

What is the Metcon-6?

The Metcon-6 has been created with occupied consumers and fitness fanatics in mind. For starters, consumers are painted the picture that training requires a number of hours at the gym. This standard view is meant to be broken with the Metcon-6, as it is said to provide the safest, easiest and fastest fat-burning workouts.

As for the time one may need to invest in each training, it has been revealed that as little as six minutes a day with a minimum of 18 minutes a week suffices. This is surely to shock many, especially for those who spend a minimum of an hour a day.

Said workouts are based on the aforementioned three types of training Marchman is in favor of and to better understand how six minutes is enough, let’s take a look at what the Metcon-6 entails.

What does the Metcon-6 involve?

With the purchase of the Metcon-6, consumers will acquire knowledge on exercises that induce fat loss. This knowledge is acquired in the following mediums of delivery:

  • A step-by-step exercise guide tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainers
  • Ideal recovery solution to ensure that the body has recuperated
  • Learning how to use things around the home along with one’s respective bodyweight to exercise
  • Ways to improve circulation, which in turn is believed to contribute towards improved skin
  • A dynamic training technique that limits aches and pains
  • Understanding the benefits of kettlebell training for lower back pain

In addition to the training aspects of Metcon-6, consumers will also be offered five bonuses, which revolve around nutrition, understanding supplementation, instructions, the proper way to get started on one’s fitness journey and progress trackers. Here’s a brief overview of the bonuses offered:

Metcon-6 30-Day Diet

Marchman walks consumers through the different foods and meals one can enjoy, while watching their fat content decrease. This supposedly does not require calorie-counting or weighing portions. A grocery list will also be provided that depicts the different food groups that contribute towards varying health goals.

Metcon-6 Supplement Guide

As the name gives it away, this guide focuses on the different supplements one can take to improve their health. Marchman will emphasize on those that are currently used in the fitness industry along with their possible cons. He will be providing a list of traditionally preferred supplements that one can potentially benefit from.

Metcon-6 Exercise Video Library

The Exercise Video Library was created to ensure that consumers know how to do an exercise inside out. With most online workout plans, consumers are only provided with the name of the exercise along with the number of reps that should be completed. This is a problem, as finding the right resource to follow by can become tough given the existence of multiple advices.

Metcon-6 Quick-Start Guide

Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming, and one might lose track of where to begin. To avoid this, the Quick-Start Guide has been offered, which also highlights the benefits of kettlebell training and how easily one can grasp it.

Metcon-6 Printable Workout Logs

Finally, we have Metcon-6’s Printable Workout Logs, which are essential for tracking progress. Keeping track allows one to compare their early training days to current. This typically indicates one’s strength (are you able to do more than three times a week?), and efficiency (can you complete before six minutes?).

With everything that’s offered in purchasing the Metcon-6 manual, consumers can expect to invest as little as $15. The price is inexpensive considering that personal trainer and nutritionist sessions cost on average $50 for an hour’s time versus the former’s unlimited usage for $15.


Overall, Marchman believes that vigorous training can eventually bring setbacks, as wear and tears are surely to form. In order to prevent this, a six-minute workout has been created to not only burn fat, but to ensure that every part of the body is hit. Most importantly, said plan neither requires expensive gym memberships, nor does it require one to even step foot outside of their homes.

While the idea of training as little as 18 minutes a week may take some time to sink it, the fact that such valuable knowledge is provided could potentially help consumers make sense of it all. This approach is especially useful for those who claim to have no time to take part in physical activities, as the Metcon-6 has the ability to encourage some form of training. To learn more about the proclaimed 6-minute workout, click here.

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