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Japanese Matcha Tea Health Benefits May Be Understated: New Journal of Functional Foods Study



Japanese Matcha Tea Health Benefits May Be Understated: New Journal of Functional Foods Study
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A number of studies are being conducted all over the world concerning Matcha green tea, a tea known for its long history of documented medicinal benefits. Original researchers argued that the Matcha can help several parts of the human body and could help to contribute to “health benefits worldwide.” As Matcha continues to gain traction as the go-to form of alternative treatment for a number of negative feelings, symptoms, and realities, researchers continue to work to uncover more of what this wondrous powder might be able to do for consumers all over the world.

Now, researchers have found that the tea also exhibits benefits beyond the physical body. A study published in the Journal of Functional Foods found that select mice test subjects experienced a significant reduction in anxious behavior. They found that the conclusion was that Matcha can help users to reduce their anxious feelings, stresses, and anxieties. With millions of citizens all over the world suffering from these sometimes debilitating mental problems, Matcha’s application in the mental health industry could become a massive breakthrough, offering consumers an alternative to the many pills and addictive substances sometimes recommended to patients suffering from anxiety.

Matcha for Anxiety

Readers should understand that, although this study is promising for the future of the Matcha industry and could prove very helpful to users of Matcha looking to minimize the effects of their anxiety, the study of Matcha for human use is still in its infancy. This particular breakthrough study only found that Matcha helped to reduce anxious behaviors in a select number of mice being studied for this particular test.

This does not necessarily correlate to the same effects in humans, although researchers are very hopeful that Matcha could have applications in the treatment of anxiety in adult humans. For the time being, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has refused to give the “O.K.” for Matcha to be used to treat any genuine mental or medical condition. As a consequence, users should view the news of this study with a guided hopefulness, especially as we eagerly await new information to become apparent.

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