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The Vertical Diet: Nutritional Food Recipe Meal Delivery for Athletes




The Vertical Diet
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When you think of a “healthy meal”, do you envision a plate with very little on it? That is, the lack of carbohydrates, probably a hefty portion of vegetables and a relative source of protein? If this is what you’ve been told what a healthy meal looks like, disregard it completely.

Healthy-eating doesn’t imply starving or cutting back, but instead entails satisfaction and cutting back on the bad. The latter is the root of the problem as consumers are painted a bad picture of what good and bad food is.

The Vertical Diet aims to change one’s view on healthy eating, whiling ensuring that consumers are satisfied, feeling healthy and enjoy the good the environment has to offer; not to mention the fact that the “Fittest Woman on The Planet,” Camille LeBlanc, “Strongest Man”, Hafthor Bjornsson and 4-time winner of World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw all stand by it to name the least.

What is the Vertical Diet?

The Vertical Diet consists of whole foods’ meals which aim to enhance gut health and ensure one’s body is nutrients and hormones dense. The end results? Consumers are said to experience improved energy levels, and increased stamina and endurance, while allowing the body to recover, especially for those accustom to any form and difficultly levels of physical training.

Who is the Creator Behind the Vertical Diet?

Consistency is big factor when it comes to diets, as they reflect repeatability of results, which brings confidence in consumers. Another way to assess this is by looking closely at the face of said diet, and in this case, it is none other than Stan Efferding.

Stan Efferding is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and has since earned the title of the World Record Holding Powerlifter and Strongest Bodybuilder. He is deemed one of the fewest men in the world to total 2,300 pounds raw in competition.

His experience is just as strong as he is, as he studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon and has been putting his knowledge to practice for over 25 years. His wisdom has led him to conduct seminars all over the US to expound on training and nutrition.

What can consumers expect from the Vertical Diet?

The Vertical Diet offers an array of meals, which are cooked and delivered to one’s very doorsteps. Each meal supposedly represents the type of ingredients and handling Efferding himself would choose to fuel his body.

Some of their popularly used ingredients include red meat, grass-fed beef and bison, low-gas vegetables, hormone-free chicken, and line caught salmon. According to the claims made, each ingredient is chosen to ensure optimal nutrients are delivered to the body and by the sounds of the ingredients, the options appear to be endless.

Here’s a sample list of what’s to be expected of The Vertical Diet:

  • Country Breakfast Scramble with Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Ground Beef Monster Mash with Sweet Potato
  • World’s Strongest Ground Beef Mash
  • Deluxe Ground Bisson Monster Mash
  • Line Caught Salmon with Rice

Are the Vertical Diet meals affordable?

Each meal ranges between $10 and $13, with varying prices and packaged deals available. Given the richness of the different food groups, the prices are quite inexpensive and here’s why. When you go to a restaurant, the average meal costs about $15 and this price typically reflects food that tickle the tastebuds.

With the Vertical Diet, not only are consumers provided with tasteful meals, but each carries nutritional value, and Efferding claims to use Modified Atmosphere Packaging to ensure all nutrients are sealed in. In addition, each meal comes with exactly what’s in it as well as the exact macronutrients content. The latter is something that we would normally guesstimate at fast food or sit-down restaurants.

For those who are interested, an eight-meal sampler is currently being offered for $85 free shipping, which includes:

  • Two country breakfast scrambles
  • Two ground bison monster mash
  • One grass-fed steak dinner
  • One wild-caught salmon dinner
  • One ground beef monster mash
  • One deluxe monster mash with spinach and red peppers

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Vertical Diet can be benefited by anyone of any age and gender. Each meal made reflects different goals which can include weight loss, muscle gain, athletic goals or as simple as focusing on better health. When consumers are aware of exactly what goal they have in mind in terms of their diet, i.e. low or high carb or intermittent fasting, then choosing the meals accordingly becomes as simple as a snap of a finger.

The ultimate goal behind the Vertical Diet is to offer an approach that is “simple, sensible and sustainable,” and this is evidently reflected in the choices made in terms of ingredients, meals, informative breakdown of nutrition, acquirable knowledge and prices. To find out more about the current Vertical Diet 8-Meal Sampler, click here.

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