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Rapid Reflux Relief: Ultimate Solution to Getting Rid of Acid Reflux



Rapid Reflux Relief: Ultimate Solution to Getting Rid of Acid Reflux
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Acid Reflux affects about 60 million Americans. One Nick O’Connor, a 56-year-old man who lives in the suburbs of Boston, recounts how acid reflux almost gave him cancer, and how he stumbled on a lasting remedy. He writes, with reviews, that this remedy, which completely solved his problem, has helped 11,200 people. All of the reviews express their surprise at the fast and long-lasting relief that they achieved with the remedy.

O’Connor first experienced acid reflux in his late twenties and began taking the various medication in his mid-thirties. However, most medicines did nothing to help; those that seemed to reduce the reflux gave him stomach pains, diarrhea, and nausea. The acid burps kept coming despite trying common remedies such as milk and tums.

His physician noticed some discoloration at the back of his throat and felt alarmed that it could be a sign of cancer and was recommended to see a specialist. The specialist performed a series of tests, which confirmed that he was suffering from Barrett’s esophagus. It affects about 6 million Americans yearly and two people in ten with acid reflux end up getting it.

This condition results from corrosion of the esophagus by acid from the stomach, and the tissue are replaced by an abnormal mass of cells that will most likely turn cancerous.

The specialist told O’Connor that a procedure could be carried out to burn away cancerous tissue. Nonetheless, he cautioned that this wouldn’t completely rid him of the condition as long as he kept experiencing acid reflux. The esophagus would be eroded, and the cells would keep developing repeatedly.

The procedure used to burn away the precancerous cells was painful and left him almost unable to speak or eat. Whenever he was about to recover, it would be time for another procedure. He was left bedridden and even contemplated suicide, until one day, he decided to man up and find a solution.

The Beginning of Rapid Reflux Relief

He formed a makeshift study in his bedroom and used his computer to scour the internet for answers. All he got were the usual remedies that never work. Some articles recommended abstinence from alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods. Others suggested that it was the incurable lower esophageal sphincter problem. He sent emails questioning professionals on the issue until one of them responded in an encouraging email.

All the medication he had discovered on the internet pointed to one of three remedies. Some try stopping the acid from moving into the esophagus, all the while neglecting the acid still building up in the stomach. Others try to coat the stomach to prevent damage by the acid, which again doesn’t deal with the acid. The rest of them attempt to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach, which is unhealthy since the stomach needs the acid for digestion and prevention of some stomach conditions, including cancer.

O’Connor wasn’t satisfied since he recognized that the medication was attempting to deal with the acid levels, which was the symptom rather than the cause.

On 22nd February 2012, he received an email from Richard Harrow, a university biologist. He told Nick that he too had suffered from acid reflux for decades. He also asserted that there was a simple remedy and that O’Connor had been looking in the wrong places.

He directed O’Connor to research about a bacterium called H. Pylori and even gave him his login credentials to the university research database. He also quoted a few articles, which would help his research. He found that everything pointed him toward H. Pylori and found that the bacteria:

  • Is present in at least 50% of all humans.
  • Is responsible for 80% of all cases of stomach ulcers.
  • Is responsible for 90% of all stomach ulcers in the upper small intestines.
  • Is associated with up to 80% of cases of stomach cancer.
  • Is the only bacteria classified by the World Health Organization as a grade 1 carcinogen.
  • Is the primary cause of other disorders in the alimentary canal, including esophagitis, gastritis, and acid reflux.

When the bacteria starts spreading in the stomach, it affects the cells responsible for the secretion of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach, causing them to overproduce the acid. As the bacteria multiply, so does the chances of developing cancer. The more the acid, the more the organs in the digestive system are in jeopardy.

O’Connor wrote to Richard asking how it could be that he had never heard of the H. Pylori. They set up a meeting, and he told him that it was all because of money. In trying to mitigate acid reflux, Americans spend about $15 billion yearly, over $200 billion on cancer, and tens of billions on other stomach conditions caused by H. Pylori.

Richard then gave him some instructions on how he could tackle his acid reflux. He mentioned five different chemicals that occur naturally in vegetables, fruits, teas, supplements, and oils. He also explained that they were to be taken in a certain way so that they would combat the H. Pylori.

One of the five chemicals was found by scientists at John Hopkins University to wipe out the bacteria rapidly in mice and humans. Richard also gave him a list of foods and instructed him on how he would take them to destroy the bacteria while leaving his body intact.

Nick O’Connor went home and followed the instructions. The results were instantaneous; since that day, he didn’t suffer from acid reflux, nausea, or stomach pains. He stuck to the routine treatment, and after two weeks, he ate a cheeseburger, again, with no acid reflux.

He called Richard to tell him of the progress, who said that it had worked for him too. He went to his physician, who was astonished and said that the esophagus was healing itself. After some tests, he was in disbelief as he told O’Connor that he displayed no signs of acid reflux at all.

He recorded the procedure in a guide and named it the Rapid Reflux Relief. He then shared it out among friends and relatives who reported the same amazing results. Knowing no medical journal would publish it, O’Connor and Richard contemplated selling the guide for $297, but they settled for $49. Richard says that if you buy the manual, you get a two months money-back guarantee. To purchase the Rapid Reflux Relief, go here for secure checkout.

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