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New Ancient Nutrition Probiotics Launch with 4 Formulas; Ultimate, Gut Restore and Men’s & Women’s



New Ancient Nutrition Probiotics Launch with 4 Formulas; Ultimate, Gut Restore and Men's & Women's
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Supplement maker Ancient Nutrition has just announced the launch of its new probiotics line that consists of 4 different products called Gut Restore, Ultimate, Men’s, and Women’s. All these formulations contain probiotics, some diverse soil-based organisms (SBO), and fermented superfoods that support the immune system and the gut’s health. Ancient Nutrition consumers can benefit from a new supplement that contains postbiotics, probiotics, and prebiotics. The SBO Probiotics from Ancient Nutrition are going to be sold at all important retailers and suppliers of natural supplements, online and across the US.

The Probiotics in the New Ancient Nutrition Supplement

The new Ancient Nutrition probiotics have 25 to 50 billion CFUs. They can survive without being refrigerated. Furthermore, they’re different from many of the other probiotics sold on the market because they naturally occur in the soil. Ancient Nutrition claims it uses a trifecta of postbiotics, prebiotics, and probiotics in all the new 4 formulations it offers.

What Are the Health Benefits of the New Supplements?

When it comes to the health benefits these new supplements can provide, are breaking down carbs, modulating inflammation, promoting the health of the digestive function, and maintain the gut flora as healthy as possible. For example, Gut Restore is specially formulated to maintain the gut flora health, proper elimination, and the appropriate digestion that ensures nutrients are getting absorbed. When it comes to the Men’s supplement, this has been created to promote the metabolism of fat, to increase the muscle mass and the body’s strength, plus testosterone levels, all while making sure nutrients from foods are properly absorbed and the digestion is correct.

The Women’s supplement is designed to maintain high levels of energy, to support the digestive function, and to ensure proper elimination, all while reducing fatigue and keeping the gut flora healthy. Here’s what one of Ancient Nutrition’s co-founders, Jordan Rubin., had to say about the new formulations:

“The goal in creating our SBO Probiotics is to offer consumers unique formulas that support growth of normal microflora in the gut, healthy gastrointestinal function, positive digestive health, and healthy immune system function in one convenient form.”

Ancient Nutrition Co-Founders Both Personally Involved in Research

According to Ancient Nutrition reports, both co-founders of the company have personally got involved when researching the effects of soil-based organisms over the human body, trying such nutritional solutions themselves. Josh Axe, the other co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, is the famous author of the Eat Dirt book, which talks about the gut and its connection with the immune system, or how not being exposed for long enough to SBOs can decrease immunity.

In other words, he advocates getting “dirty” for a healthier life. The probiotics from Ancient Nutrition are formulated with soil-based probiotics, which are known to improve the immune system and to prevent bloating. These probiotics have fermented, not to mention they contain extracts from superfoods for the increased absorption of nutrients. You can learn more about them on Amazon.

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