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IQ² Brain Pill: Safe Nootropic for Memory Loss with Cocoa Flavanols?




IQ² Brain Pill
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IQ² is a supplement meant to increase mental stamina and keep the user focused throughout the day. Such kinds of supplements are referred to as “smart drugs” or nootropics and can help in substituting some unhealthy habits so that users can remain efficient during work.

Read on our review to discover the benefits of IQ² and know if it’s worth purchasing.

IQ² Overview

IQ² is a responsible for offering a better mental edge. IQ² is formulated to help clear the mind and enable you to focus on things that matter like school, work, and other responsibilities.

Nootropics like IQ² are a healthy option to stay focused and can be used to replace unhealthy products like energy drinks with sugar and calories, costly daily cups of coffees, and cigarettes.

What is IQ² meant For?

  • Enhancing the natural ability of the brain
  • Improving focus
  • Boosting mental stamina

How does IQ² work?

IQ² delivers results by using natural ingredients which help enhance the user’s cognitive capabilities. These ingredients include:


Cocoa is one of the best foods for the brain. It is highly neuroprotective and enhances mental performance and stamina, concentration, and brain power. Cocoa also promotes thought clarity and significantly improves circulation through lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and reducing the risk of clots. Cocoa contains over 300 phytochemicals and is about four times more potent than most antioxidants that play the same function like dark chocolate and red wine.


A strong psychological health compound, DMAE works well at combating aging and reducing the age-related cognitive decline. DMAE’s main mechanism for achieving this is reducing the accumulation of age-related toxins and pigments. DMAE keeps neurons from being oxidized by making cell membranes stronger. It also surges acetylcholine, a crucial compound for good brain functioning.


Tried & tested for years as an ideal boost for energy levels, Guarana is derived from the famous Brazilian berry. It increases alertness, energy, and promotes better moods. Guarana has more caffeine compared to the coffee bean but has been reported to possess a cleaner and less jittery energy boost because of its stabilizing compounds. Guarana improves the ability of the body to handle stress.


Chlorine is a precursor to acetylcholine and an essential compound for optimal functioning of the neural system. Chlorine promotes concentration while reducing anxiety and stress. Chlorine also supports physical and mental energy levels and facilitates better functioning of the metabolic system. This compound is also beneficial for liver functioning.


This is a potent nootropic known for protecting neurons from oxidative damage and stress. Huperzine enhances learning and memory while treating Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. More to this, Huperzine A has been used to treat myasthenia (a muscle disease) and improve mind-muscle connection in healthy people too.


Vinpocetine is harvested from the seeds of the periwinkle plant, and has for centuries been used as a solution to age-caused cognitive decline. Vinpocetine improves moods and memory while boosting alertness and mental clarity. Vinpocetine fights weariness and lethargy and solves poor cerebral circulation. This compound has there before treated the symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients among other mental problems.

Other ingredients in IQ² are B complex and Acetyl-l carnitine.

Pros of IQ²

  • Free from dioxides and stearates
  • Boosts memory
  • Supports energy levels

Cons of IQ²

  • ALCAR dosage is low
  • Quite costly
  • Effects stop after some time

Is IQ² Worth Buying?

While IQ² is quite costly and stops working after some time, it does a great job in boosting memory and enhancing concentration. This is an excellent option if you want to concentrate and be productive at work. We hence find IQ² worth recommending to anyone looking for a natural supplement to enhance brain function, improve concentration, and boost memory.

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