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ClearShield Reviews: Transparent Face Mask Cover Protection?



ClearShield Reviews: Transparent Face Mask Cover Protection?
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Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, facemasks are highly essential to protect yourself from Coronavirus infections. Facemasks haven’t just become a necessity in public, but also a way to express personal style.

You can match them with your daily clothing, and even buy them when you want to exercise. But, one thing all facemasks do is block smiling faces. Whether it is the ordinary surgical masks or ones made with pure cotton, these facemasks don’t allow our pets, or friends to recognize us or our moods underneath them.

It is incredibly difficult for individuals that rely on lip-reading, as they can’t recognize facial expressions because of these facemasks. These masks also make it difficult for people to have a proper conversation with their close friends and families.

A special facemask has been produced to solve these issues, allowing everyone to still see underneath the mask and the ability to read facial expressions while still offering protection from COVID-19 and other viruses. The Clear Shield Face Mask comes in three styles and makes it possible to drink with a straw, and it is 100% transparent.

Features of Clear Shield

100% Transparency

Clear Shield Face Mask is transparent, and it's also designed with an aero style that offers comparable shielding to Surgical/N-95 masks.  The mask was designed to offer much more space than the cloth and surgical masks, and not to feel constricted. It is specially made for people who suffer from anxiety, claustrophobia, and breathing problems. Clear Shield Face Mask will clearly show your make-up.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

Clear Shield easily fits the face because it has foldable temples with comfortable silicone. You won’t feel any weight on your ears because it is lightweight. According to the manufacturers, Clear Shield allows the inflow of fresh air and releases carbon dioxide out.

It is essential to know that users can easily clean the facemask with soap, water, or disinfectant, which isn’t achievable with regular facemasks made from fabric.

You need to wash ordinary cloth facemasks with a washing machine, where it could contract a virus or pick up bacteria. In contrast, this transparent facemask won’t force you to go through the hassle of trying to wash them in a washing machine.

100% Recyclable

Another vital feature of Clear Shield is the fact that it is 100% recyclable, unlike surgical masks. It is made from 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), present in many plastic bottles.

No Fogging

With Clear Shield facemasks, you will have a clear view and even features an anti-fogging coating: Clearshield won’t fog up, and neither will your glasses. This facemask doesn’t sit too close to the face or rest on the nose as other facemasks do, so you won’t have to worry about mask acne or soreness on the bridge of the nose.

Clear Shield Face Mask Instructions for Use

When you receive your order, the Clear Shield comes with:

  • Foam Filter/Chin Support
  • 2 Foam Filters for side vents
  • Reusable anti-mist cloth (200 uses)
  • Black adjustable ear straps
  • Clear mask
  • Clear gel-type ear straps

ClearMask comes with two types of ear straps. A non-adjustable gel type and the adjustable elastic. The company recommends the black adjustable elastic pair. To fit either of the 2 types, push the end through the holes in the mask from the outside to the inside of the mask only, they will automatically snap into place afterward and after you have the correct length you want, cut off any excess. Then tie a double knot at the end of each one to secure.

Next, put the foam filters into the chain support and side vents. These filters can be trimmed to fit each individual's needs. You can also glue the chin support foam into place if you trimmed this part away. They recommend using a hot melt glue gun to do this.

Clear Shield FAQ's

Q. Is the Mask compatible when wearing an over-the-ear hearing aid?

A. The Clearshield Neo design has earpieces, much like a pair of sunglasses that hang over the ear; they are very thin and possible to wear with over-the-ear hearing aids and are also a great choice for those with beards.

Q. Is Clearshield FDA approved for use?

A. In the US, full Face Shields are considered Class I 510(k) exempt products by the Federal Drug Administration. Based on current FDA Guidance, these Face Shields do not need FDA approval. Clearshield does not make any claims of particulate filtration or possession of antibacterial or antiviral properties. It is purely a deflection device.

Q. How many times can the ClearShield Face Mask be reused?

A. ClearShield has an unlimited lifetime because there are no parts to wear out. The Face Shields are made from PET (ClearShield) and Polycarbonate (ClearShield Neo), both durable and scratch-resistant.

Clearshield Face Masks – why you need one

Compared to other facemasks, the Clear Shield Meets EU/WHO guidelines for Public/Community Masks requirements. Consumers can clearly see other people’s facial expressions, and you can easily read the lips of their friends and colleagues. Additionally, Clearshield is adjustable so one size fits all users and is the perfect choice for those with beards, suffer's from Asthma and COPD. Mask-induced Anxiety is a real problem for many, and other people will be able to see your make-up and know when you smile.

This facemask is highly suitable for people with breathing problems. Since Clear Shield is made from PET, it will ensure you don’t have difficulties breathing again.

There is no doubt that fabric masks give so much constraint and aren’t too comfortable. The pandemic has called for social distancing, and in some places, mandatory facemasks are once again required with the resurgence of Covid19. Fabric facemasks don’t allow us to see if our fellow human beings are smiling or sad. Clear Shield is CE Certified for product safety, although it's not considered a medical device, and we can now see what our friends feel through their facial expressions, all while protecting yourself and your friends from passing the virus.

Purchase Clear Shield Face Mask

Consumers can purchase the Clear Shield Face Mask one mask or multiple masks, from two, five, ten masks, and up to twenty-five at a time.  Prices start at;

  • $30.26 – One ClearMask
  • $55.67 – Two ClearMasks
  • $114.91 – Five ClearMasks
  • $217.70 – Ten ClearMasks
  • $308.35 – Fifteen ClearMasks
  • $456.52 – Twenty ClearMasks
  • $544.55 – Twenty-five ClearMasks

To find out more information or to contact the company for questions on sizes and the fitting of them, contact through an email format at [email protected]

Company Medical Disclaimer: “ClearMask is not a medical device and is not considered PPE. The World Health Organization recommends non-medical masks in the settings for which ClearMask is marketed.”

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