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UltraZoom Review (2021): Real Ultra Zoom Monocular Telescope



UltraZoom Review (2021): Real Ultra Zoom Monocular Telescope
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UltraZoom is a high-end telescope that uses nano-etching technology to provide better resolution at a much smaller scale. Its luminous flux can reach about 30 times what a typical telescope can cover within a similar distance. What’s more, it has a maximum magnification that exceeds 300 times of a regular telescope.

The UltraZoom Telescope

The UltraZoom Telescope allows users to take quality photos from a distance. It utilizes superior anti-shake technology, and the tripod 3D gyroscope helps to magnify the field of view. That enhances its performance and makes it a better alternative to most of the telescopes in the market.

What’s more, if there are a few terrain obstacles, users can use the autofocus and blur the background function to focus on observing the object they are focused on only. Consumers can easily view anything up to six miles away.

The UltraZoom telescope covers a maximum magnification diameter of least 300 times. This is the first-ever telescope to deliver this clarity and magnification at such a small scale. Additionally, the telescope comes with a wide eyepiece. With a larger eyepiece, it becomes easier to view your images regardless of the distance.

On the other hand, individuals that wear eyeglasses can watch effortlessly as well. Moreover, the swivel eye mask allows you to adjust the sharpness accordingly before you use it.

With Broadband film objectives, the UltraZoom telescope further enhances color and clarity. And with a large caliber, users enjoy higher brightness.

UltraZoom Specifications

  • Monocular weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Field of view: 360ft/1000yds
  • Objective lens coating: FMC
  • Prism system: BAK – S 1 Prism
  • Magnification: 10-300X

UltraZoom Benefits

  • Shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof design – Its O-ring optics are sealed to prevent dust, moisture, and debris.
  • The outside shell is made from superior titanium alloy and durable strength. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, and that makes it convenient to carry in your backpack when camping, traveling, or hunting.
  • Portable and suitable for wilderness explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s handheld and perfect for surveillance and bird watching.
  • Compatible with all Android and Smartphone devices
  • It comes with built-in functionality that enables you to observe images at night.
  • Reasonably priced


Purchasing UltraZoom

Are you interested in buying a superior telescope? Consumers can order the Ultra Zoom telescope on the official website. After the order has been processed, the company will ship it to your address within a few working days. Fortunately, the company now offers discount prices if you buy the telescope in bulk. The company behind UltraZoom provides free shipping on all orders.

$ 64.95 Each
$ 114.95 /$57.48 Each
$ 164.95 /$ 54.98 Each
Customers can choose to purchase an extended warranty on the checkout section:
  • 2 Years warranty $ 9.95
  • 1 Year warranty $ 5.95

Customers who have queries can contact the company at and choose the option that best fits their needs.

UltraZoom Testimonials

Customers attest to its efficiency in capturing images from a distance. And since it is waterproof and lightweight, you can carry it with you on camping expeditions. It’s a great gadget if you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and birdwatching.

The UltraZoom telescope is far better than most high-priced models in the market. That said, this monocular telescope is recommended for anyone who wants to see well-defined images from a distance. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the UltraZoom telescope if you want a superior view to traditional binoculars.

The UltraZoom telescope focuses on a defined point of view rather than trying to focus your vision on two points using binoculars. Try this high-tech telescope, and you’ll never use binoculars again.

More importantly, the telescope is easily paired with most smartphones like Huawei, Samsung, iPhone, etc. The only thing you have to do is adjust the lens on your phone to match the corresponding telescope. Also, adjust the angle accordingly until you can focus on the image with ease.

UltraZoom Conclusion

Similar to other telescopes, the Ultra Zoom telescope can be used to observe images through the eyepiece. But the mobile phone only helps you to shoot and record. For that reason, you should consider trying this superior telescope, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. Besides having a better range, the telescope is reasonably priced to suit any budget.

That makes it a worthwhile investment rather than buying a single telescope. In a nutshell, these portable devices are perfect for hiking or camping as it covers a larger field of vision even at night.

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