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Safe Air X Review (2021): Legit CO2 Concentration Meter Tool



Safe Air X Review (2021): Legit CO2 Concentration Meter Tool
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Clean air is essential for everyone. According to, both CO2 and Ozone are dangerous to human health. Per the official website,

“When an index above the determined thresholds is reached, and if the meter marks a value of 800 ppm or more, ventilation would be necessary.”

When ozone mixes with sunlight and other chemicals are emitted into the environment like automobile emissions and chemical emissions from industries, it creates harmful levels accompanied by other pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, fine particles, and hydrocarbons.

Perhaps you’re asking why it’s so necessary to use a CO2 meter like the Safe Air X? Well, this device comes in handy, especially at a time when the pandemic is raging. Based on a recent study (Chen et al. 2020, Ong et al. 2020 ), air samples in the area around a hospital, where the virus load was significant, the virus was not detected in the air samples due to the excellent quality in maintenance of the ventilation system in the hospital environment. Being an airborne disease that’s easily contagious, most infections occur in crowded places such as indoors, with high carbon dioxide and ozone levels. Using this device in such areas can help check the amount of toxic air and regulate accordingly.

During winter, rooms become less ventilated. In that situation, when people share the same closed spaces, it’s necessary to ensure the indoor air quality remains safe and healthy. In that case, a portable CO2 meter comes in handy to check the levels and ventilate the space whenever necessary.

What is Safe Air X?

Safe Air X is a portable carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone meter; created by two German engineers of technology, health, and electronics who designed the functional device to measure CO2 levels and determine ventilation needs. The device design allows you to carry it around anywhere and at any time. With the ability to view in real-time with the high precision sensor, it can check CO2, humidity levels, and room temperature. This enables you to ventilate the space before it reaches harmful levels for the occupants.

Features of Safe Air X

The Safe Air X CO2 meter exhibits the following features:

  • Clear LCD screen, which is easy to use
  • Checks humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels at all times
  • Warns of excess levels of CO2 in the room (at more than 800ppm, there’s a need for ventilation)
  • Useful for places and businesses open to the public, such as bars, restaurants, and homes
  • Portable—can be used anywhere.
  • Reveals data instantly and prevent the risk of contagion
  • Requires no plug—comes with a durable rechargeable battery
  • Readings are easy to understand in ppm (parts per million)
  • It’s lightweight and fits just any bag
  • Ships worldwide with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Safe Air X Pricing Plans

The Safe Air X device is currently available at a heavily discounted price of $79.95, which is a 50% discount off the regular price. Buyers can place their orders through the official website at The manufacturer accepts multiple methods of payment, including major credit and debit cards and PayPal. Pricing plans are as follows:

  • 1x Safe Air X at $79.95 ($79.95/unit)
  • 2x Safe Air X at $129.95 ($64.98/unit)
  • 3x Safe Air X at $179.95 ($64.98/unit)
  • 5x Safe Air X at $269.95 ($53.99/unit)
  • 8x Safe Air X at $409.95 ($51.24/unit)

According to the manufacturer, the discounted price is active during the promotional offer launching. There are limited units, and buyers are encouraged to utilize this opportunity. As seen in the pricing plans, the more units you buy, the more you save per unit. Buyers can improve their orders with a two or one-year warranty at an additional $9.95 or $5.95, respectively. To contact, ask a question, cancel or track your order, customers can find the appropriate selection at


Safe Air X Final Verdict

If you’re thinking about improving air quality in your room, then Safe Air X could provide the solution. According to the manufacturer, this device alerts you when your indoor air quality becomes toxic. At 800 ppm or more, you should ventilate the room or move to somewhere safe.

Once purchased, each order comes with free shipping. The product should reach its destination within 21 days. The promotional offer is ending soon, and customers should take advantage of the discounted prices.

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