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Nite Defender Pro Reviews: Motion Sensor LED Security Lights



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Nite Defender Pro is a product that promises to help you make homes safer, all without putting a toll on the electricity bill. It helps light up the surroundings, even the stairs, alleyways, and yards, so that you can see at night clearly. It uses motion sensors that trigger the light whenever someone passes by. There are 114 LED lights incorporated in the device. These LEDs turn on whenever the unit’s 120-degree motion sensors are detecting movement.

Wireless and No Batteries

There’s no need to connect the Nite Defender Pro to any power outlet or to put batteries in it. This means less electricity bills or no longer paying for any replacement batteries. This device is powered by solar energy. The Sun charges it during the day for the power to last the entire night. This means having lights even when there’s a power outage.

Safety Features that Are Advanced

Protection mode gets activated whenever there are improper conditions. These work all the time and also scan the surroundings for any movement. Besides, Nite Defender Pro is also weatherproof, so suitable for outdoor use, no matter the weather, for increased security and safety.

Easy to Install

Nite Defender Pro can be installed anywhere in the outdoors, no matter where you might want it. As said before, it works in harsh conditions, so it doesn’t matter if it’s left out in the rain. There’s no need to use any wires, which is an advantage to both space and safety. Anyone can install Nite Defender Pro at home.

No Added Costs to Electricity

The greatest thing about Nite Defender Pro is that it doesn’t add anything to the electricity bill. This device uses solar power and one of the most advanced technologies to light dark alleys or yards up so that you can move around safely during the night. Nite Defender Pro charges for the day only to turn on at night, meaning it works in case of emergency, whenever there’s a power outage.

How Does Nite Defender Pro Work?

Nite Defender Pro features advanced motion detection sensors that cover more than 120-degree in range, meaning it detects motion at a distance of 12 feet. Whenever someone moves around it at this distance, the light turns on automatically. The lights that incorporate the 114 LEDs are 5 and very bright. These are the lights illuminating the surroundings, allowing to see things clearly in the dark. And all this without any electricity. Nite Defender Pro has solar panels that charge and store the power in the day so that there’s plenty of light at night.

Nite Defender Pro Characteristics

Here are the best characteristics of Nite Defender Pro:

  • IP65 water-resistant casing
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Adjustable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wireless
  • Affordable

While most outdoor lights require professional installation, this one doesn’t. It’s enough to just place it where it has to illuminate so that it lights specific areas.


Nite Defender Pro FAQ

Below is the list of FAQ for the Nite Defender Pro unit:

Can the device have timers set to turn on at night and be off for the day?

There’s absolutely no need for this. The Nite Defender Pro features a sensor that can be called from dusk till dawn. This sensor detects the level of light whenever the sun is going down, and each time it rises again in the dawn.

For how long Nite Defender Pro stays on as soon as the motion sensor was activated?

For about 35 seconds.

Is the Nite Defender Pro bright?

The Nite Defender Pro has the brightness of 200 lumens.

Is the motion detector of the Nite Defender Pro sensitive?

Most of the time, Nite Defender Pro’s motion sensor senses the movement at 25 to 30 feet.

How Long Does the Battery of the Nite Defender Pro Last?

Usually, one charge of the Nite Defender Pro lasts for about 15 hours. It can turn on for 350 times whenever it detects motion.

What About Shipping?

Nite Defender Pro is sold through global merchants to deliver to the door of the user this most innovative product. As soon as an order is placed, then the buyer is sent a tracking number very rapidly, so that he or she can confidently track the order and arrival of the product(s). Usually, in the US, it takes the package 8 to 15 days to arrive at the client’s doorstep.

Can the product be returned?

Clients don’t need to worry. The product can be returned at any time if the customer is unhappy with the way it works.

What’s the Return Policy?

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the products sold through the Nite Defender Pro website. Contact customer support for the return process to be initiated.

  • 1 Nite Defender Pro or The Front Protection Pack is $39.99 per piece
  • 2 Nite Defender Pros or The Walkway Protection Pack is $37.99 each
  • 3 Nite Defender Pros or The Yard Protection Pack is $35.99 per piece
  • 4 Nite Defender Pros or The Perimeter Protection Pack is $33.99 per unit
  • 5 Nite Defender Pros or The Property Protection Pack is $31.99 per unit

Payments can be made via PayPal and credit or debit card. Every product and pack come with a 90-day money-back guarantee that can be claimed from the product’s customer service by calling the given number or sending an email to the address provided below. The company making Nite Defender Pro is American and apparently serious about the products it sells, seeing that many people are ordering these devices every day and leave very positive reviews on them. Many positive experiences indicate that getting Nite Defender Pro is nothing but a very good idea.


Contact Nite Defender Pro



Nite Defender Pro
2345 Vauxhall Road,
Union, NJ 07083,
United States of America

Customer service is available 24/7 by phone. When sent an email, it should be allowed at least 24 hours to send a response back.

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