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Project Fearless Review: Ronny Oosterling Anxiety Program?



Project Fearless Review: Ronny Oosterling Anxiety Program?
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Project Fearless is a video course created by Ronny Oosterling, an author and expert in the human transformation field. According to the official website, the video course consists of several modules specially designed for those who want to make a change in their habits and lifestyle so that they become better versions of themselves. Every week, Project Fearless opens a new module for its followers to have enough time to accommodate their new learned habits into their routine. So, if looking at it from this direction, Project Fearless could also be regarded as a program more than as a course.

Why Project Fearless?

As the Project Fearless official website says, this program is the most effective and complete way to end anxiety and keep it at bay for good. The same website also claims the program’s video materials can teach anyone how to turn their anxiety into power so that they can live their best life.

Project Fearless consists of more than 9 hours of video material put together in a total of 53 videos. Moreover, it offers subscribers 24/7 access to its online community support. After payment, it can be accessed from any kind of device, with just a few clicks. Project Fearless could be called the perfect alternative to very expensive anxiety therapies, not to mention it costs very little to be a part of it, but more on prices later.

What Does Project Fearless Offer?

Here’s a summary of Project Fearless modules:

A New Chapter

With this first module, subscribers get a closer look at anxiety, learning about what it is and why it affects so many people all over the world.

Overcome the Monkey Mind

This second module teaches people a very powerful method, actually, the most powerful one, that can be applied every time anxiety starts kicking in.

Reprogram the Mind

According to Project Fearless, anyone can change their brain’s structure and implement new ways or habits of thinking into their life, by meditating and through mindfulness, both of which are being taught in this module.

The Anxiety-Proof Diet

Project Fearless also says that many out there have no idea they’re in fact following a diet that only makes their anxiety worse, so this module is aimed at showing them the right diet they need to stick to in order to put an end to it.

Transform Through Exercise

Just as its name says, this module is about exercising and discusses the great transformation that takes place when the power of exercise is being used. It teaches the anti-anxiety types of workouts and how these can be incorporated into the daily routine so that they become a lifetime habit.


With this module, Project Fearless says subscribers are going to learn how to transform themselves and make their dreams come true by using their anxiety periods.

The Unshakable Mind

This is the module that Project Fearless says it shows people how to end their intrusive and unwanted thoughts to master their own mind.

Supplement Magic

The last module so far, Supplement Magic reveals how some of the most popular supplements available on the market are only making anxiety worse, and how some others actually do a great job against it.

Who Should Join Project Fearless?

Here are the people that Project Fearless mentions should join the program:

  • Panic attacks sufferers
  • Those who are feeling like their unpleasant and anxious thoughts could never leave them alone
  • Individuals who are always experiencing anxiety and deem every day as challenging
  • Those who think their anxiety is holding them back, not allowing their life to be enjoyed to its fullest

Therefore, according to Project Fearless, any person who’s experiencing all sorts of anxiety manifestations could join the program to put their life back together. The course is also aimed at those suffering from phobias, feelings of unreality, OCD, and Pure O.

How Long to See Results?

As Project Fearless says, each and every person overcomes feelings of anxiety at their own pace, so there’s no exact way of knowing how long it’s going to take for results to be noticed when people are taken separately. But what Project Fearless guarantees is that by following its courses, anxiety will be overcome gradually and for good.

How Much Does Project Fearless Cost?

For a limited time only on the official website, Project Fearless comes at only $1 for 7 days, after which it has to be paid in full, either one-time or monthly, as it follows:

  • One-time payment of $247.99
  • 4x$75 payments – the Monthly Pay Plan

There’s also a 21-day money-back guarantee, so those who aren’t satisfied with how the program works for them have 3 weeks to ask for a full refund of their payment. And there’s more good news for them, as Project Fearless promises to give them $50 on top of what they have paid. Project Fearless customer service can be contacted by sending an email to [email protected]

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