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Espresso Buddy Review (2021) Ventana Portable Espresso Maker



Espresso Buddy Review (2021) Ventana Portable Espresso Maker
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The MiniEspresso Buddy is a handheld espresso machine that can make a decent cup of espresso coffee literally anywhere. It has a handheld pressure of about 116PSI/18 bars of power to produce quality coffee. Just add hot water and then add the compatible capsule or your own ground coffee beans to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

About Espresso Buddy

The MiniEspresso Buddy machine is portable and lightweight. At just 2.36 inches wide by 7.80 inches long, users can take it along in their lunch bag, and even when traveling, it offers seamless convenience. Carry the Espresso Buddy machine with you anywhere as it comes with a stylish travel case. The exclusive travel case keeps the Espresso machine safe and protected at all times. It also has an easy zipper and sleek design to keep the machine safe, thereby preventing scratches and bumps. Additionally, it doesn’t require power whatsoever. Just add ground beans and hot water to brew a delicious cup of coffee based on your preferences.

If you prefer American or Italian coffee, choose the flavor and strength. Alternatively, consumers can use Nespresso capsules that don’t require a lot of preparation.

How Espresso Buddy Works

Fill the portable MiniEspresso Buddy with ground beans and then tighten the lid lightly. Thereafter, add hot or boiling water inside the machine's water tank; the Espresso Buddy has a standard-sized water tank that holds 2.35 ozs of water or 70ml. Remove the unlock feature to begin pumping the coffee into the included cup. Remember that the first few pumps help to create the desired pressure in the machine. Afterward, pump slowly until the water passes effortlessly through the beans, and the MiniEspresso Buddy easily comes apart for easy cleanup with soap and water.

Espresso Buddy Comes with a Digital eBook

The digital Espresso Buddy also comes with a detailed eBook that teaches amazing techniques for making coffee. With this coffee-making strategy, prepare to make a delicious cup of coffee on-the-go. That said, the Espresso Buddy coffee maker is 100% BPA-free for food contact materials, and a piece of must-have equipment for coffee enthusiasts.

Can You Use Different Types of Coffee Beans?

Fortunately, the Espresso Buddy machine allows you to use different types of beans. Just ensure the bean is grounded to a fine texture before use. So, you can either decide to make Italian or American coffee – the choices are endless, and you can make whatever coffee you prefer.

Espresso Buddy Features

  • Quiet brewing
  • Make a hot cup of coffee anywhere remotely.
  • No batteries or power required.
  • Small and ergonomic design
  • Easy clean up with soap and water
  • Works with different sized Nespresso capsules or ground beans
  • Reusable filter
  • Can only make a cup of coffee for a few people
  • Portable, can be taken along on the train or airplane, sporting events, camping and hiking trips, your home, or office
  • 100% BPA free for food contact materials

Purchasing Espresso Buddy

To enjoy an amazing price discount, buy two espresso buddies for only $129.98. The package comes with a travel case and a digital coffee book, plus free shipping. But if you decide to buy one Espresso Buddy coffee maker, you only pay $92.96. Alternatively, get three Espresso buddies for only $49.98ea, and that includes a digital coffee book and travel case. For consumers who are not happy with their purchase, call the company at 877-671-2650 for a full refund within 30 days, or email customer service at [email protected]

Espresso Buddy Conclusion

The Espresso Buddy coffee maker is small and portable, thereby offering the convenience of making a quality coffee cup on the go. It’s easy to use and requires minimal cleanup, and no batteries or power source of any kind is required.

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