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Director Kevin Smith is the Latest Victim of Keto Diet Pill Phishing Scam

Deborah Killion



Director Kevin Smith is the Latest Victim of Keto Diet Pill Phishing Scam

Director Kevin Smith is known for his range of successful films, comics, books, and other projects. In February 2018, at a seemingly high point concerning his weight, he suffered a heart attack.

Since then, he’s documented his weight loss journey and the new lifestyle that he’s adopted, which included becoming an ambassador for Weight Watchers. Recently, Smith posted on Instagram to call out a phishing scam exploiting his weight loss journey.

In addition to posting the photo, he stated in the caption,

“PHISHING PHUCKERS! This image and the click-through link is being posted to folks’ @facebook pages WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! The link attached to the stolen image that I posted on @instagram last year leads to a phishing site, so DO NOT CLICK! This ad is pure bullshit. I never did Keto: to lose weight after my heart attack, I went Vegan and then joined @ww (who made me a #wwambassador). That quote attributed to me is not only grammatically incorrect, I believe it’s also fabricated, as I’ve *never* jogged and the only pills I take are heart-related prescriptions mandated by my cardiologist. If anybody has any link info for this fraud, please provide in the comments below. But most importantly, don’t believe anybody trying to sell you on a weight loss pill, whether using my image and a fake pull quote or not. Fuck, I feel like Homer when he found that Mr. Sparkle box… #KevinSmith #bullshit”

According to the Philly Voice, the link tracks to Keto HD pills, which users may want to stay away from.

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