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Zyppah: Magic Tongue Strap to Prevent Snoring and Improve Sleeping

Deborah Killion




About Zyppah

Sleeping can become quite a hustle when you keep making sounds that keep on waking you up in the middle of the night, not to mention waking up others. Zyppah has thought of that and come up with a plan to make sleeping easier. Their exclusive and patented magic tongue strap is designed to hold the tongue in place thus reducing snoring and improving the quality of sleep you get.

Zyppah Magic Tongue Trap

Unlike most snoring aids that are devised for the jaw movement repositioning, Zyppah magic tongue trap combines both mandibular advancement and tongue holding techniques to aid with the snoring. The tongue, which is a muscle, while sleeping relaxes and causes blockage of the airway and causes snoring as air tries to pass through the now constricted airways. By holding the tongue gently in place, Zyppah tongue trap solves 97% of the issue.

Why Zyppah?

First, it comes with the patented and clinically tested magic strap, which solves the snoring issue by dealing with the culprit, in this case the tongue, by holding it away from the throat. The other reason is for its mandibular advancement that repositions the jaws hence opening the airways and third, the 100% possibility of customization to fit only you the buyer.

Snoring or sleep apnea poses increased risks

Apart from the noise nuisance caused by snoring, other health risks caused by increased snoring include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure and heart disease
  • Arrhythmias, nocturia and gastro reflux
  • Headaches and excessive gaining of weight
  • Diabetes and strokes

To avoid being predisposed to these risks, get yourself the magic tongue trap by Zyppah for increased wellness today.

Final say on Zyppah

To make sleeping easier and comfortable as well as avoid increasing the risk of the serious conditions highlighted above, it is vital that you get yourself a Zyppah tongue strap to help with the snoring. This product is only available online and therefore to purchase it  go to the company's official Zyppah website and place your order.

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