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FinalStraw: Reusable Self-Cleaning Stainless-Steel Straw

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FinalStraw is an accessory that consumers can bring with them anywhere to avoid using plastic straws. Presently, consumers can purchase the product online, where they have the choice of eight different case colors.

What is FinalStraw?

Pollution is dragging the planet down, as landfills are overrun with plastic and similar materials that will never deteriorate. One of the easiest ways to curb this use is by switching to reusable accessories, like straws. That’s where the FinalStraw comes in.

FinalStraw is made of stainless steel, with food-grade silicone tubing over the mouthpiece. To keep this straw clean, consumers will receive an included case, made of recycled HDPE, which includes a cleaning brush to keep the straw sanitary. At just over an ounce in weight, this case and straw can be carried in a pocket or a purse anywhere.

The straw should be washed after each use, using soap and water on both the outside and the inside, rinsing with hot water. The included brush can break up any residue left inside.

Purchasing FinalStraw

The total cost per FinalStraw is $24.95, which can be split into multiple payments with afterpay, if the customer’s total order exceeds $50. Choose from eight different case colors (sea tur-teal, shark-butt grey, healthy coral, arctic-melt blue, porpoise-ful purple, pirate’s booty black, skinny dip, and ice ice baby) and two straw colors (silver and rainbow). The Skinny Dip and Ice Ice Baby case colors are only available for the holiday season, and only come with the silver straw.

If there are any issues with the purchase, or if consumers want to speak with customer service at all, the team can be reached by email from their Contact Us page on their website.

FinalStraw Summary

The FinalStraw offers a solution for consumers that want to be more conscientious about the world they leave behind. It is easy to clean between uses and includes its own brush to make sure that nothing remains inside the straw when it is put away.

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