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US Government health spending reaches $3.5 Trillion




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Estimating an average of $10,739 per person residing in the US, the health care department of the US government had decided to make an investment of $3.5 Trillion last year. This hard cash has taken a 3.9percent leap in 2017 following a 4.8 percent increment that took place in 2016. The annual increment has been from 4.3 percent in 2008-2017 which was less than7.3 percent in 1998-2007. The declared amount is quite high as compared to the services. The growth rate is not as high as was expected. This is consecutively the second year that a reduced growth rate in the health care sector has been observed, as is stated by the economists of the federal Health and Human Services department.

Although such a lump sum amount has been sanctioned, the elevated costs of health care services still stick to the country.

Private insurance companies, on the other hand, showed similar reduced growth trends. Even the Medicaid insurance program that claims to extend health services at a very low cost was marked with a lessened extension. When compared overall, the economy of the country rose much higher than health coverage spends.

The expansion in insurance coverage was more under the previous government led by Barack Obama. The surge in drug prescription spending had led to this augmentation. But, there was a dip recorded too. The negligible increase in the drug prescription expenditure accounted for less than half of a percent and has distinctly marked the slowest increment since 2012.

The US health care system would run smoothly if the health care services could make it up to moderate growth. The health care organization can extend its helping hand only after which. Currently, the rate has slowed down the efficiency of the system.

The estimated amenity per person that is$10, 739 is actually an average for the entire population. In reality, the country constitutes a majority of the inhabitants account for health care expenditures and this figure report five percent of the overall number and more than half of the whole layout.

The health care sector accounts for one-fifth part of the economy of the US. The upcoming policy and decisions to handle the expenditure and understand the situation will guide the health person residing system to find a ray of hope for increased growth in their sector. These policies need to aim at sustainable and affordable facilities, as is concluded in the report by the economic experts. The report has been the services of the journal of Health Affairs.

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