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Super Mini Home Projector Reviews (2021) – Legit Product?



Super Mini Home Projector Reviews (2021) - Legit Product?
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Today, home projectors are compact and portable, with most models handling multiple multimedia contents, including games, documents, photos, music, and films. The Super Mini Home Projector can support HD resolution and is 1080p compatible. Plus, it supports different connection choices, depending on your preference.

What is the Super Mini Home Projector?

The Super Mini Home Projector is a smartphone projector and perfect for home use as it can display different types of content, from games up to 150 inches and photos to video and data. It can support multiple media content effortlessly, provided the user understands how to work the projector. On the other hand, it is also a powerful data or business projector and can display clear data-centric presentations.

The Super Mini Home Projector can prepare PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Excel documents, and so much more. It is a consumer-friendly model designed for home entertainment. Unlike large video projectors that are better for video viewing, this mini projector is perfect for home use.

Super Mini Home Projector Versatile Use

This Super Mini Home Projector is versatile and can support multiple types of media. If you work at home and need to make vivid data presentations or use the projector to watch movies, this is the best projector to buy. Moreover, the Super Mini Home Projector is portable and easy to travel with on business trips.

Among the top features of the Super Mini Home Projector;

  • Play films and videos from your personal computer
  • Compatible with Android, consoles, Blue-ray players, laptops, computers, iPads, and IOS smartphones.
  • The most popular Smartphone mini projector in the market
  • Ergonomic and portable
  • Supports 720p resolution
  • Has several connection choices
  • Supports a variety of multimedia content such as music, documents, games, and films
  • Free shipping

Understanding Brightness and Resolution

Before purchasing the Super Mini Home Projector, it is important to understand resolution and brightness. Essentially, the total number of pixels on display must be in line with the content that you’ll frequently be displaying. For games and videos, Super Mini Home Projector is the best investment that never disappoints. What’s more, the projector features HD (720p) video resolution with 1080p compatibility.

As far as brightness is concerned, Super Mini Home Projector has a range of 100 lumens in brightness, best for video and film projection. Remember that brightness often depends on two main things: lighting and image size. Fortunately, this super mini home projector allows you to work with small images or watch movies in a dark room. Even with low brightness, users can still get a vivid display from the projector.

Home Entertainment or Home Theatre?

Super Mini Home Projector is best used in dark conditions such as a movie theater. It is perfect for anything, be it home use or for professional use like displaying excel docs or spreadsheets. Moreover, you can install exterior speakers to make viewing more interactive. And since most of the time you’ll be using the projector in a dark room, this mini projector is especially bright.

That said, Super Mini Home Projector is more versatile than most home projectors. It is perfect for home use in a room where there’s ambient light. That makes it a viable alternative to TVs as it can project larger images effortlessly without degradation.

Super Mini Home Projector Connection methods

Home projectors usually have different connection methods. The Super Mini Home Projector supports HDMI connectivity, which allows users to watch videos with 1080p resolution. However, most mini home projectors typically have micro or mini HDMI ports that require special cables.

Purchasing Super Mini Home Projector

Right now, consumers can get the Super Mini Home Projector on the official website, where they offer the Super Mini Home Projector in either Black or Silver colors and several purchase options:

  • $ 109.95 / Each $109.95
  • 2 x Super Mini Home Projector $ 189.95 / Each $ 94.98
  • 3 x Super Mini Home Projector $ 249.95 / Each $ 83.32
  • 5 x Super Mini Home Projector $ 359.95 / Each$ 71.99
Wireless TV Display Receivers are also available at checkout
  • 1 Wireless TV Display Receiver$ 14.95
  • 2 x Wireless TV Display Receiver $ 24.95
  • 3 x Wireless TV Display Receiver $ 34.95
Consumers also have the option to purchase a warranty at checkout
  • 2 Year warranty $ 9.95
  • 1 Year warranty $ 5.95

Ecomerzpro is the selling website for the Super Mini Home Projector and can be contacted for questions on orders and returns at

Super Mini Home Projector Conclusion

Super Mini Home Projectors are suitable for home use as it enables projection from a set-top box or Blue-ray player, and the computer. As mentioned earlier, it also comes with HDMI ports and allows users to cast movies or films on the projector.

Overall, it supports multiple media streaming devices with ease. Just visit the official website, place an order, and the company will ship it within a few working days.

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