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Blaux Heater Reviews (2021) – Quality Personal Space Heater?



Blaux Heater Reviews (2021) - Quality Personal Space Heater?
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The cold and wintery season is here again and one will definitely need something to keep them warm from the unforgiving chilly weather. The Blaux Heater comes in handy during this time of year. The Blaux Personal Heater makes the best companion to keep warm during the winter season offering enough heat for any bedroom, living room, office, bathroom, basement area as well as garages. At a time when people are looking for a heating solution that helps lower electricity bills, this Personalized Blaux Heater review offers all the crucial details on how the gadget works and why it is worth considering.

What is Blaux Heater?

Blaux heater can be said to be a personal heater that uses convection ceramic heating technology and is very lightweight. It is a solid heating appliance that can be used in different places such as a worktop, desktop, and other living places. Before introducing personal heaters, Blaux was synonymous with high-tech personalized air conditioners. Now, as winter is among us, Blaux is introducing a personalized heater to ensure its customers remain warm during chilly days. As indicated above, the device is lightweight and small in size and can be moved from one space to another to ensure the whole area is warm. Also, as per the manufacturer, the device is environmentally friendly and can be used anywhere.

While the portable heater is manufactured for small spaces, and ideal for warming your personal space, and can be used to feel the warm air instantly blowing in your direction, such as, warming the hands while sitting at a desk or the feet when placed on the floor. The gadget ensures that heat can reach those spaces that cannot be warmed using the more standard forms of heating or complex heaters. The heater also has the capacity to eliminate all the bacteria which are in the environment but are untraceable.

Blaux Heater Key features

Here’s a closer look at some of the most notable features of Blaux Heater which makes it stand out:


Probably the key selling aspect which also makes it unique from other traditional heaters is its small size and it is easy to carry to various places and locations. The safety measure the Blaux Heater has is the power button located directly on the back of the unit. Pressing the buttons on the device will not work until the power button is activated. Users can also set a timer to prevent it from running for extended periods of time.

The device is lightweight making it easier to travel to different areas where heat is required. This means that one can use it in the kitchen, living room, office, garage, and other places of choice. It also comes with a handle making it very easy to transport. One can easily take it with during winter vacations.

Easy to set up

This is a vital feature to note especially if one is concerned about costs. This heater requires no experts or help to set up and install. All that is needed is plugging it into an electrical outlet, turn on the power and it begins heating the space.

Easy to clean

It is a guarantee that dust and other forms of dirt are likely to stick to the heater’s mesh holes. Consequently, one does not require an expert to clean it. A damp cloth with soap can easily remove any dirt. This means that there are no maintenance fees.

Antimicrobial filter

The heater is fitted with an antimicrobial filter that kills bacteria and odors. The technology allows one to enjoy bacteria-free air whenever the device is used to heat their spaces. The device also helps to purify the air from any germs as well as other impurities. This means that the device can be used even by people who have respiratory conditions.

Fitted with a battery

This heater is an upgrade from the conventional heaters that must always be connected to a source of power. It comes with a chargeable battery. The battery is of high-quality and can be used for over 24 hours. This means that one can use the device even in places where there are no sources of power like during outdoor activities or vacations in winter.

Makes no noise

This heater has been designed with the utmost care in efforts to make sure it produces no noise. When the device is in use it does not disturb anyone’s peace of mind due to loud noise. One can enjoy their sleep or work peacefully in their office while the heater is operational.

No hassle returns

The buyers can enjoy a promotion that is still going on. Once one has purchased the heater, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. In essence, once the device develops any kind of mechanical problem and is not functioning well, it can be returned to the seller within 30 days of buying. But, if the customer reviews are anything to go by, there are little chances of one using this promo.

Blaux Heater Cons

Here are some of the shortcomings to expect from the device.

Only available online

The heater is still new in the market and, as such, it is only available online from the manufacturer as retailers are yet to be recruited.

Limited stock

The heater is in high demand just like other Blaux products. In this regard, the manufacturer is overwhelmed by the high number of orders and it might take some time before the device is finally delivered.

Purchasing Blaux Heater

The Blaux Personal Heater is quite affordable. One unit is currently selling at a discounted price of $89.99, 2 units @$179.98, 3 units @$202.48, and 4 units @$247.47. Purchase the device directly from the manufacturer. To contact the makers of the Blaux Personal Heater can send them an email at

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