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KoreForce Reviews (2021) – Deep Tissue Percussion Massager?



KoreForce Reviews (2021) - Deep Tissue Percussion Massager?
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The KoreForce Percussion Massager Gun is a muscle relief tool that, at 53 percussions per second, helps to give the user a deep-tissue massage to relieve tightness and knots. Use the percussion massager gun for warmups, workouts, and recovery.

What is KoreForce?

KoreHealth's founder Jordan Roland suddenly experienced full-body pain at the age of just 35 after years of weightlifting. He unsuccessfully tried chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and cryotherapy; then, after experimenting with newer recovery tools and systems, he began his road to healing. He launched KoreHealth to share these pain-relieving systems with sufferers just like himself all over the world.

After an intense workout, the muscles are usually sore, requiring a recovery routine and sometimes even a supplement to relax and repair them. While a massage or even an excellent soothing bath can be therapeutic for relaxing the muscles, there are muscle aches and tension that need a little more attention. While getting a deep tissue massage with a professional may be a little out of budget for individuals that workout daily, the KoreForce Percussion Massager Gun isn’t.

How KoreForce works

The KoreForce Percussion Massager gives the user rapid pulses that flow into the muscles and provide them crucial oxygen and draining the lactic acid for deep muscle relief from knots, cramps, and the inevitable cramping. Advertised as a solution for every stage of a workout, getting a deep tissue massage can improve the user’s range of motion as muscles soothe and relax within 30 seconds of use. Tension can build up in the muscles throughout a workout, and the use of this massaging gun helps relieve the strain before it becomes sore and too damaged to use.

While the use of a regular massage is comforting and relaxing, people who put their bodies through a brutal and intense workout need a therapeutic solution that can respond in kind. KoreForce Percussion Massager Gun relieves tension that is buried deep in the tissue using “rapid-fire strokes” as it massages the muscles at a rate of 53 percussions per second, helping consumers to heal their body and work out even harder next time.

More About Percussive Massage Therapy

Percussive massage therapy involves repeated deep strokes of pressure, meant to target a specific group of muscles and tone them in the process. Use the percussion massager to relieve tightness in the deepest tissues while reducing the stress placed on the bones and joints. This type of deep therapeutic massage has been linked to numerous health benefits, helping to relieve even the stress of people living with fibromyalgia on muscles. Though this type of massage is sometimes painful to endure, the resulting relief is enough for many consumers to use it for pain relief and recovery repeatedly.

Deep tissue massage also helps to drain the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, reducing the risk of intense cramps later on.

To learn more about deep tissue massages and their effectiveness, check out this link:

How to Use KoreForce

The user can choose from three different levels of massage, depending on what they need.

  • Level 1: Muscle activation with 1800 percussion's per minute (PPM)
  • Level 2: Repair and recovery of muscles with 2400 PPM
  • Level 3: Deep tissue massage with 32 PPM

The website indicates that users may only need to take about 30 seconds to eliminate tension, though every person is different.

To further customize the experience, every KoreForce Percussion Massager comes with four different heads to treat the different areas, including round, flat, bullet, and fork. The round head is suitable for larger muscle groups, while the flathead ideally breaks up smaller and more dense muscles with its concentrated massage. Sharp muscle pain is best handled with the bullet head, which gets into trigger points. However, if the user has muscles that are hard to reach or if they want to massage their muscles along the spine, there’s the forkhead as well.

To get a massage, the user picks out the best massager head for the area, turns it on, and works through each of the muscle areas they want to treat. The creators recommend using the KoreForce on a specific muscle for no more than 3 minutes at a time.

Buying KoreForce

Currently, the total cost of KoreForce is $129.99, and consumers can purchase up to five massagers in a single order. Each package includes the four massaging heads as well; consumers can shop on the KoreHealth website to find other products to help them with recovery and all their fitness goals.

Shipping is free for KoreForce right now, and consumers can check out the website for exclusive discounts, like the 25% Father’s Day discount that is presently available.

Frequently Asked Questions for KoreForce Percussion Massager Gun

Q. What benefits can I expect from using the KoreForce massager?

A. With 53 percussions per second, and deep muscle massage to relieve painful knots, pain, and tense muscles, improved muscle glide and range of motion, and accelerate warmups, workouts, and recovery time.

Q. How is tension in my muscles relieved?

A. The use of the focused vibrations in different areas of the body can stimulate relaxation in exhausted muscles, improve muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and relieve tension. Vibration Therapy, or deep tissue massage, provides relaxing sensations that can be beneficial also with use.

Q. How many speeds are included in the Percussion Massager Gun?

A. KoreForce has three massage levels, including level 1 for muscle activation (1800 PPM), level 2 for repair and recovery (2400 PPM), and level 3 for deep tissue massage (3200 PPM).

For further questions and answers, the consumers can contact KoreForce by phone at +18448467426 Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm PST or email at

KoreForce Summary

KoreForce Percussion Massager Gun provides consumers with a way to get a deep-tissue massage at home to heal the body after intense physical activity. Offering three different settings and multiple massager heads, consumers can cater to their experience with their current muscle pain to get the best relief possible. The device is much more affordable than other models on the market, only needing about three minutes or less to treat discomfort.

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