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Renovize: A Look at Lift, Lift Plus, Core Plus and Boost Plus Supplements

Deborah Killion



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As consumers seek new adventures on a daily basis, they are bombarded with unforeseen hindrances that are rarely visible to the naked eye. This can be found in the food and water one consumes to the air breathed in. Ultimately, one’s health gradually deteriorates as the presence of toxins within increase.

According to the Founder and CEO of Renovize, Ron DuPree, said concerns can be eliminated; not to mention a much elevated and healthy self in the works. What does Renovize offer? How can consumers finally feel renewed, rejuvenated and ready to face what’s to come?

The following review will look closely at what Renovize is founded on and how their actions aim to make a difference in one’s wellness.

What is Renovize?

Renovize’s approach to wellness rests in taking liquid and powdered nutraceuticals. Combined with herbs, botanicals and phytonutrients from sources including the desert, rain forests, and mountain ranges, DuPree trusts that their line of products will, “support your body, at the cellular level, to restore itself to wellness and peak performance.”

What does Renovize offer?

The Renovize product line currently includes Lift, Lift Plus, Core Plus and Boost Plus. Here’s an overview of each respective product along with the potential benefits that arise from regular ingestion:

Lift ($35)

Lift was designed to uplift one’s mood while ensuring that consumers have a physical and mental recovery. The ingredients responsible for said benefits include an array of ginseng followed by amino acids, B-complex, L-Arginine, green tea and cordyceps among others.

For effective results, it is advised that consumers take it 15 minutes prior to any workout regimen and that the latest it should be consumed is by 3:00PM.

Lift Plus ($35)

What makes Lift Plus different from Lift is its potential ability to target much more health concerns with increased absorption rates. Some of its benefits (different from Lift) include healthy circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

Core Plus ($35)

Core Plus appears to be a super greens supplement combined with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Therefore, its benefits can vary from improved gut, immune, and blood health to increased mood, energy and weight management.

The solution is said to be created in powdered form, so it is best to mix 8 to 10-ounces of cold water with one scoop and/or smoothie.

Boost Plus ($35)

Boost Plus is deemed essential for cardiovascular support. This respective supplement contains L-arginine, which was included based on existing clinical studies. In particular, it was found that L-arginine not only can help to boost one’s energy levels but may also maintain artery and blood flow functions.

Renovize Final Thoughts

Overall, Renovize appears to focus on natural ingredients as a way to help repair different aspects of the body. Some of the ingredients included mimic nutrients that the body is known for producing. Unfortunately, the latter’s ability in said productions is rather weak, hence the reason for supplement intakes.

All this being said, Renovize’s approach is what appears to give it value, as its essentials start with nature and are finished off in a lab that supposedly maximizes each blend without compromising its true essence. To learn more about Renovize, click here.

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