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Fisher Traction Neck and Back Pain Relief Device with Negative G-Force Technology



Fisher Traction Neck and Back Pain Relief Device with Negative G-Force Technology
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Fisher Traction is a decompression duo that is designed by founder and inventor Dr. Jeff Fisher to let consumers perform light chiropractic care from their own home, powered by “Negative G-Force Technology, enables consumers with neck and/or lower back pain to benefit from Spinal Decompression virtually anywhere at any time.

What is Fisher Traction?

Anyone that has been to a chiropractor understands the immense relief that they get when their spine is realigned, and the pressure comes off like magic. The creators behind Fisher Traction developed a system that can help consumers to get relief whenever they need it.

With the use of Fisher Traction, consumers can take ten minutes a day to get rid of their neck and back pain on their own. There’s no need for an appointment, prescription for pain medicine or muscle relaxers. Instead, the solution could be as easy as setting up the device at home. Though more severe struggles with this type of pain may be better evaluated with a chiropractor, this device is helpful for individuals that want to improve their spinal health and reduce the expense of constant visits for therapeutic release.

The decompression devices of Fisher Traction, have patented the Negative G-Force Technology, which is exclusive to their products. This method makes it possible to use the traction anywhere, even when consumers are traveling, the traction devices are compact and portable, such as staying in a hotel after a long and uncomfortable journey. To use the Fisher Traction devices, makes sure the device is approximately 36-40 inches off the floor and at the height of a door knob for users to obtain the safest effect. As the user stretches out their spine, the technology decompresses the discs as the natural cushion of the spine is then properly hydrated.

How to Use Fisher Traction Neck Device

To get relief from the neck device, the user should lay on their back while they hold the head harness and place their head close to the door. Once the user positions the head harness beneath the back of the neck, they need to hold onto the release strap for decompression.

A demonstration video can be viewed at:

How to Use Fisher Traction Lower Back Device

While sitting on the floor, the user will position their feet closest to the door for the lower back device. Then, the harness can go over the shoulders and come down to the waist. Once laying back, the user can adjust themselves to a more comfortable distances away from the door. However, the website states to only stretch the bungies beyond three times the length they remain at when they are relaxed, rather than tense.

The video demonstration of this device can be found at the same link.

Buying Fisher Traction

Consumers have a few different choices, depending on the traction equipment that they want to buy. At checkout, users can choose from three packages, including:

  • Lower back device only for two payments of $44.99
  • Neck device only for two payments of $34.99
  • Both the neck and lower back devices for two payments of $64.99

All of the packages require the user to pay for shipping and handling,

Fisher Traction Neck and Back Pain Relief Device Summary

Fisher Traction could soon make its way into the homes of many people suffering with back and neck pain, allowing consumers to get the relief that they need without an appointment. With easy-to-follow videos online, consumers can lay down and spend just a few minutes to decompress their spine to improve the health of their neck and lower back. The website offers multiple payments, making it easy to affordably purchase the devices for a much lower cost than a visit to a chiropractor.

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