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Bonum Health Initiates LOI with InnerScope Hearing Tech for 100 Hearing Screening Kiosks in its Pharmacies

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BENZER PHARMACY’s sister company, Bonum Health, has expressed interest in a letter of intent (LOI) directed towards InnerScope Hearing Technology Inc. by requesting 100 Hearing Screening Kiosks be established in their pharmacies situated all across the U.S.

Said endeavor is said to be executed “in the upcoming weeks,” or even months as InnerScope, manufacturer of FDA-approved Hearing aids, and CBD oils provider, scrambles to get its production on full speed and running.

The firm’s popularity is what seems to attract consumers, as over 56 million people have had access to the hearing systems which have promoted the need to address hearing loss and related concerns.

As for what the Hearing Kiosks mean for consumers, they will provide hearing screening test results and information needed to help consumers make informed decisions and take the necessary measures to do what it takes to maintain one’s hearing health.

InnerScope’s CEO, Matthew Moore, has since expressed excitement in being able to work alongside BENZER PHARMACY; not to forget the fact that the request came his way and not the other way around. Moore further shared that:

“We believe the Hearing Screening Kiosks will give BENZER PHARMACY patients/customers as well as the general public […] the ability to achieve and maintain better hearing health.”

Moore also noted that in creating the hearing systems, he realized the gap in the market that was being filled up. Specifically, in providing the public with something that’s not only simple and convenient but also free of cost.

Moving forward, the CEO expects InnerScope to expand upon its efforts in closing the “underserved market gap” with nearly 42 million people faced with inadequate hearing services to date.

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