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AMP-ed Training System: Chandler Marchman’s Fitness Performance Program




AMP-ed Training System: Chandler Marchman's Fitness Performance Program
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Are you trying to get a lean and muscular physique? Has this goal been prolonged due to the lack of progress? According to the claims made, the body is composed of different energy pathways, also typically known as the metabolism. When the proper energy pathway is not targeted, then trying to gain muscular visibility and strength becomes far too difficult.

Chandler Marchman, certified strength and conditioning specialist and licensed personal trainer trusts he can help those who seek a way to increase muscle mass without having to compromise on foods they enjoy. He expounds on the different metabolisms within the body and which one to avoid in his recent revelation, AMP-ed.

The following review will unravel the different layers of AMP-ed to ensure that consumers are knowledgeable on its purpose, what it offers and how much it will cost them.

What is AMP-ed?

AMP, also known as Aesthetics Meets Performance refers to three phases, which include the “Anabolic Priming Phase”, the “Muscle Maximizer Phase” and the “Performance Fat Loss Phase”. These three phases are deemed viable solutions to one’s current lack of muscle mass, inability to lose stored fat and most importantly, not being able to enjoy favorite foods.

For starters, there are three types of metabolism including the ATP-CP system, the Glycolytic system and the Oxidative system. The first is the most ideal energy pathway to hit, as this is the energy source that allows one to go heavy and explosive at the gym.

Once this respective type of energy is used up, we enter the glycolytic system, which provides the necessary fuel to complete longer sets that force the muscle to increase in size and shape.

Finally, when we arrive at the oxidative system, it is the phase in which the muscle can no longer work. This is the least preferred of them all because it releases cortisol, a type of hormone which is said to store existing fat longer rather than releasing it.

Ultimately, Marchman claims that any time spent in the last type of metabolism is what prevents consumers from acknowledging visible muscles. The key reasons why one may be stuck in this phase include the lack of muscle stimulation, increased cardio, and lack of variation in one’s daily workout.

Hence, why AMP-ed has been created. Next, let’s explore how AMP-ed works in stimulating the first two types of metabolism, while avoiding the last.

What can consumers expect of AMP-ed?

Before getting into the finest details regarding AMP-ed, here is an overview of the type of training routine one will have to follow:

  • Module 1: muscle activation warm-ups
  • Module 2: core circuits that promote powerful and visible abs and obliques
  • Module 3: learning to contract muscle tissues at faster rates to promote explosiveness
  • Module 4: doing specific barbell exercises to induce the Anabolic Priming Phase
  • Module 5: undergoing metabolic conditioning to increase strength and endurance while burning fat

With these tips, consumers will be able to learn how to switch between the different metabolisms in the body. Being able to acquire knowledge on this type of training implies one can meet just about any goal set, primarily related to increased muscle mass, strength or becoming ripped.

There are six components that make up the overall AMP training. First, we have the AMP-ed 12 Commandments, which expound on daily lifting guidelines of what should be done before, during and after a training. Other important facets include understanding what weight works best for each individual followed by training intensity.

Second, we have the AMP-ed Training Principles, focusing more so on the relationship between one’s metabolism and the effects of training. This is followed by the AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes, which teaches consumers how to lift in a way that activates the muscles. This revolves around one’s form and timing.

The fourth one to make the cut is the AMP-ed Training Weeks 1-4 “Forced Adaptation Phase”. This component has been designed to serve as foundation to one’s anabolic metabolism. Next, we have AMP-ed Training Weeks 5-8 “Intensity Accumulation Phase”, and as the name implies, it will push one to their limit.

Finally, the AMP-ed “Chaos Phase” is where all hell breaks loose, and consumers will go as hard as they possibly can.

All six components combined comes out to a price of $47. This is ridiculously fair, as consumers are provided with a complete guideline as to how muscles work and which energy pathways need to be targeted. This is a one-time purchase that allows one to have access to said information over the long term, which in turn will help each individual understand what works best for their respective bodies.

Final thoughts

Overall, Chandler Marchman has come up with a complete system that aims to target muscle mass, while boosting fat burning. There’s no secret diet or pill to make this difference, but rather one’s willingness to work hard. He not only shares how the human body works but provides detailed information on how to activate certain energy systems in the body. This type of knowledge is rarely shared, and to see this via AMP-ed is truly noteworthy. Things will only get harder as consumers go through each component, however, the end result is what leaves many feeling rewarded. For more on how to possibly benefit from the AMP-ed system, click here.

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