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Why Not Natural Matcha Energy Complex: Jitter-Free, No-Crash Energy?




matcha energy complex jitter free crash free energy

Matcha Energy Complex is a supplement that provides the user with natural energy that will not cause them to crash. The product is sold on, though it is produced by Why Not Natural.

What is Matcha Energy Complex?

Everyone needs their morning energy to help them get moving for work or other obligations, but not everyone is a fan of coffee. The use of the Matcha Energy Complex provides the nourishment that consumers need with matcha tea, L-theanine, and organic caffeine extract, naturally boosting alertness. According to advertisements online, this minimal caffeine won’t cause the user to experience a crash, and it doesn’t flood their body with excessive amounts of sugar either.

Purchasing Matcha Energy Complex

The Matcha Energy Complex is available from Amazon, where it is listed for $7.99. Consumers can get free shipping on orders over $25, or they can become a Prime member to have two-day shipping for free.

If the user finds that this product isn’t what they need, there is a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Contacting the Creators: Why Not Natural

Even with the information on Amazon, consumers can reach out to the customer service team by calling 612-321-8333 or by emailing

Why Not Natural Matcha Energy Complex Review Summary

The Matcha Energy Complex supplement uses only a few ingredients to give consumers the boost that they need to get moving in the morning. The formula isn’t considered a caffeine pill, though consumers that have medications in their daily routine may want to speak with a doctor before using Matcha Energy Complex.

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MigreLief: Nutritional Headache Relief for Chronic Migraine Suffering?





There is no surer problem that can derail one’s day than a painful and debilitating migraine. Those who suffer from migraines often do not have enough remedies available that can alleviate the pain and discomfort, especially that come in the form of natural solutions. The good news is that this review may have a suggestion for a line of products that are specifically geared toward aiding those who suffer from headaches. With that, this review would like to introduce MigreLief. The brand offers a line of products that are available on its website and through the Vitamin Shoppe.

About MigreLief

MigreLief is a brand that offers a number of products that may be able to work well for those who suffer from migraines. There are product options that are specifically formulated for women, children, and everyday individuals. With the right products on hand, users can get the full support that they need on a regular basis. Moreover, MigreLief’s products do not need a prescription, so that users can order and incorporate the products into their daily routine as needed.

Moreover, those who purchase the brand’s products can receive a free Curt Hendrix Longevity & Disease Prevention Bulletin. This way, users can learn about other illnesses and issues that occur during the aging process. To receive this e-book and coupons, specials, and notifications as to other products, users simply need to subscribe with their email.

The Potential Benefits of MigreLief

There are a number of potential benefits that users may experience when adding MigreLief to their routine. Here are the likely benefits that users may be able to experience:

  • May reduce pulsating and throbbing
  • May reduce nausea and vomiting
  • May help those who are sensitive to light and sound
  • May work well for most types of migraines
  • Formulated with quality ingredients

These are the main advantages of choosing MigreLief to one’s lifestyle. Keep in mind that the products work on an individual basis. Further, those who use the products on a regular basis and as directed may be able to experience the best results.

Three Month Trial

The brand recommends taking each bottle for 90 days. Each bottle is a one-month supply. Even though it takes about three months for directed use to work well, some users have explained using the product and noticing the results in one month.

The brand is confident in its products. As a result, it offers a 90 day money-back guarantee. Those who are dissatisfied with the products after 90 days can contact the brand and ask for a refund. The products are also drug free and they are not meant to cause rebound headaches or recurring migraines or other problems.

MigreLief Review Summary

Overall, those who are looking for quality products that may be able to alleviate headaches related to migraines may want to check out the brand’s website. There are products that are geared toward men and women, and even children. To learn more and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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Oral Hygiene Importance: Lack of Mouth Care Could Lead to Heart-Related Risks




Oral Hygiene Importance: Lack of Mouth Care Could Lead to Heart-Related Risks

Have you been repeatedly told by a dental hygienist that you need to floss twice a day? Did you by chance not take the advises given to you seriously? If the answer is yes to both, I myself am just as guilty. Unfortunately, if proper care isn’t taken in regard to one’s oral hygiene, its effects can go as far as leading to strokes.

A recent post shared by Natural Health 365 expounds on the reasons why improper oral care can put one’s life at risk. Believe it or not, it starts with omitting to floss one’s teeth. When we stop flossing our teeth, this leads to a condition called gingivitis.

Gingivitis weakens the gums, which serve as support for our teeth. Said disease can lead to the entrance of bacteria because of the lack of shield normally provided by the gums. They then have the potential to enter the bloodstream further damaging blood cells.

New Study Finds More Oral Bacteria in Blood Clot than Ever Before

Natural Health 365 referenced a study conducted by the Tampere University in Finland. To understand the extent in which poor oral health can trouble one’s overall wellness, researchers analyzed blood clots of 75 victims of stroke.

It turns out that 8 in 10 people’s DNA contained oral bacteria also known as Streptococcus. They concluded that those who do not take care of their oral hygiene are giving the green light to bacteria to enter the body freely, which can then break our natural defense system and take over altogether.

Is it too late to Care for Your Oral Health Now?

On the whole, the sooner the better, as starting now can help to strengthen one’s gums. In this case, consumers should give extra care and time when brushing their teeth twice daily. This being said, brushing alone is not adequate, as it does not remove food that’s stuck in between the teeth. Therefore, consumers should also make it a habit to floss their teeth.

In the event that one is fearful that they may have gingivitis (which can be dangerous depending on its severity), it is best to reach out to a health professional as soon as possible.

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ArcticBlast: Is Arctic Blast a Trustworthy All-Natural Pain Relief Product?




arctic blast

Arctic Blast is a supplement that is supposed to natural relieve pain in a more effective and faster way than other remedies. The Arctic Blast formula is not sold in stores right now and can only be purchased from the official website.

What is Arctic Blast?

Pain is a difficult problem to deal with, though it is a natural response from the brain. The presence of pain tells the sufferer that something is wrong with their body, and there is a whole sector of the health industry that works to deal with it. Arctic Blast is a remedy that provides a natural remedy solution, rather than a pharmaceutical one.

The advertisement for this product starts off by focusing on the use of pain relief medicine, and how it should not be used. They claim that the discussion regarding this pain relief solution isn’t being had by any doctors because they are part of the efforts to conceal it.

With the use of Arctic Blast, the company claims that this solution “turns your body’s pain switch off” and only takes a few seconds to do so. The nutrient, it says, is DMSO, which was apparently featured on 60 Minutes before it took off. The company even adds that major athletes and Hollywood stars began using the inexpensive and natural remedy. The website throws around many names, including former Oakland Raiders quarterback Daryl Lamonica and actor James Coburn.

As the drug companies worked to become more lucrative, DMSO was pushed out, but the creators of Arctic Blast state that they have brought it back. In fact, the advertisement also claims that DMSO has approval from the FDA, and points to the dangers that other painkillers have. Stomach pain, dizziness, internal bleeding, tinnitus, and other side effects are possible, but this all-natural remedy claims to have none of these effects.

Using Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is available in a liquid dropper, and consumers can topically apply the remedy exactly where they are experiencing their pain. The user does not have to consume anything to get the relief that they seek.

The use of Arctic Blast does not require any prescription. However, if the consumer presently is taking pain relief medication that was prescribed by a doctor, it may be in their best interest to get approval before making a transition, avoiding any withdrawal symptoms.

Buying Arctic Blast

Typically, the total cost of the Arctic Blast is $89.95. However, the website has temporarily lowered the cost to $59.95 each. All of the purchases are processed through PayPal. Consumers can save on their purchase by ordering three bottles ($139.95) or six bottles ($199.95), reducing their cost per bottle.

Along with the purchase of Arctic Blast, consumers get a few bonuses. When consumers place their order, they will also receive:

  • An eBook called The Anti-Inflammation Diet
  • An eBook called Feed Your Joints Back to Life
  • An eBook called Longevity Secrets from The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds

The Anti-Inflammation Diet helps consumers to determine the right nutrients to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be the cause of pain frequently. By combining these techniques, consumers will have a better chance of overcoming their pain.

Feed Your Joints Back to Life focuses on helping consumers to heal their joints from the damage they have endured through the years. Collagen dwindles as the body ages and it goes through normal wear and tear. However, this book teaches consumers about the ways to rebuilt cartilage naturally through the diet.

Longevity Secrets from The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds shows consumers how to create habits that can improve the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions. All of the tips include environment, exercise, diet, and even relationships, organized in a simple way to get the greatest benefit.

If the user finds that they do not get the pain relief advertised from this product, the company offers a money-back guarantee for up to 365 days.

Contacting the Creators of Arctic Blast

Even with the information available, consumers may still have other questions that they want to address, like the ingredients involved. The customer service team can be reached through a form at

Arctic Blast Summary

Arctic Blast claims to offer an all-natural solution to pain but does not describe much about the actual product. Consumers are provided with a list of advantages over using typical pain relief medications, but none of them tell the user how the natural nutrient works. Still, with such an extensive return policy, consumers are easily covered if they choose a more pharmaceutical approach.

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