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ONE PRO Nutrition: Whey Protein Collagen, Hydro Energy Drink Mix and Gels




ONE PRO Nutrition

What Is ONE PRO Nutrition?

When it comes to any form of physical training, fueling the body with essential nutrients becomes a fundamental step. Said consumption is what helps muscles undergo recovery, boosts one’s energy levels, and ensures that one’s goals are met. This is what ONE PRO Nutrition appears to be founded on.

In particular, founder, Matt Prior has devoted to playing cricket and, in this experience, realized the importance nutrition had in his performance. With the help of nutritionist, Christine Bailey, a line of scientifically developed products under ONE PRO Nutrition has been established.

To fully understand what has been achieved, the following review will take a closer look at ONE PRO Nutrition’s products and their intended purposes.

What does ONE PRO Nutrition Offer?

ONE PRO Nutrition has created solutions that tend to the body’s need for energy, hydration and overall recovery. Here’s a breakdown of some of the products currently offered:

Hydro Energy Drink Mix (Pineapple and Coconut):

The Hydro Energy Drink Mix is deemed more than just an energy drink. It has supposedly been designed to provide steady and fast releasing of carbohydrates that maximize one’s performance, and endurance levels. It carries balanced electrolytes to replace those lost through sweating. Other energy products include Caffeine Mixed Berry, and Energy Gel with Added BCAAs (raspberry, blueberry and passionfruit and lime flavors).

Whey Protein + Collagen Chocolate

The Whey Protein + Collagen nutrition pack was formulated to support recovery and strength, especially in dealing with one’s ligaments and connective tissue. Said supplement also offers an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are reasoned as being essential in not only pushing the body to perform, but also in allowing it to undergo the necessary recovery. In addition to the chocolate flavor, this very same supplement comes in strawberry.

Why Choose ONE PRO Nutrition?

Based on the analysis above, a number of reasons can be argued as to why ONE PRO Nutrition should be reflected upon. For starters, the brand focuses on clean and drug-free sport. That said, only the necessary ingredients have been included for each purpose that has been aimed at.

Another reason for possibly selecting ONE PRO Nutrition is the step it has taken to ensure quality doesn’t change from product to product. More specifically, each product has been batch tested. As for the nutritional supplements themselves, only all-natural ingredients have been used. This is reassuring as most supplements carry fillers that create a hindrance to the body’s ability to reap in nutrients.

Who can forget the dual purposes of some of the essentials offered. This is primarily in relation to both energy and hydration aspects of training, as many of the products found in the former category are also found in the latter.

Lastly, different delivery systems have been considered in making ONE PRO Nutrition products, whether this includes beverage infusions or tablets – both of which have been designed for optimal convenience. To learn more about ONE PRO Nutrition, visit here.

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Hot Skinny Tea: 14 and 28 Day Detox Program to Lose Weight

TimesofHealth Team



Hot Skinny Tea

Hot Skinny Tea & Detox Program is a plan that allows consumers to flush out toxins from their body with the use of a tea, meant to be consumed twice daily for at least two weeks. The tea can be purchased from the official website through a one-time transaction or a subscription.

What is Hot Skinny Tea?

Losing weight can be a difficult endeavor, especially when it comes to starting to see results. Many people begin their diet after eating poorly, though there are others that simply want a fresh start, which is why detox programs are so popular. The creators of Hot Skinny Tea decided to develop a program for detoxification around the use of their tea.

The tea itself features all organic ingredients. As a result of this formula, the company states that the user will experience:

Read on below to learn about the program that this tea is included in.

The Detox Program

The Detox program for this tea only takes about 14 days, during which time the user will need to consume the product twice daily. The tea can be brewed with one teaspoon of the blend in hot water, allowing it to steep for two to three minutes. To get the desired results, the user should follow the program for at least 14 days.

Purchasing Hot Skinny Tea

The total cost of Hot Skinny Tea depends on how long the user wants to go through the detox. There’s a 14-day detox available for $35, or a 28-day detox for $58.50, both of which are discounted from their typical retail price. Both formulas offer free shipping.

Consumers can also sign up for a subscription, allowing the company to send a new batch of the tea every month. However, it is unclear if this service comes with a discount.

Contacting the Creators

If there are any questions about this product, consumers can contact the customer service team by filling out the form at

The website also includes a chat feature to speak with someone online.

Hot Skinny Tea Summary

The Hot Skinny Tea & Detox Program is fairly easy to follow and doesn’t require that the user change any other part of their routine to get the desired results. The program only lasts for a few weeks, but the interactive chat function on the website makes it easier for consumers to ask questions why using the remedy to get the best results.

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Mēle: Whole Food Meal-Replacement Shake with Whey or Plant Proteins





Mēle is a brand of nutritional shakes that contain whole foods for the replacement of meals, including both whey-based and plant-based proteins. The products are available as part of a one-time purchase or in a subscription.

What is Mēle?

Finding nutritional shakes can be a difficult endeavor, considering that so many of these products have high sugar or they lack enough protein to be used as a replacement. Mēle decided to create products that have both a whey-protein and a plant-based protein option.

Regardless of the option selected, consumers will get the following nourishment in every remedy:

  • 18+ grams of protein
  • 27+ grams of complex carbohydrates
  • 7+ grams of healthy fats
  • 6+ of fiber

Unlike other shakes, consumers don’t actually need a blender to create the shake. The user can put the entire formula in a shaker bottle, which can be purchased from the Mēle website. Shake the formula with water for about 30 seconds, and then it is ready. The formulas can be mixed with milk as well.

Purchasing Mēle

Consumers have two options to get their handle on the Mēle formulas – an individual purchase or a subscription. With a one-time purchase, the customer will pay the full price listed on the website. With any of the multi-packs, a subscription will save the customer 15% per month.

Choose from the plant-based or whey-based protein, which are available in Rawberry, Supergreen, and Cocoa-Nut for $25, if the user wants to get a five-pack.

If the customer is unsure of which flavor is preferred, they can get a 3-pack starter bundle of all of the flavors from their chosen protein for $15.

The Mēle shaker bottle is available for $8.

Contacting Mēle

Even though there’s plenty of information on the website, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to

Wholesale inquiries can be sent to

Mēle Summary

Mēle offers variety to consumers that want to have an easy access to protein drinks to replace their meals. The product is not a diet shake, but it offers substantial protein from both animal and non-animal sources. The shakes offer 250 calories a piece, which is good for a light meal. However, the user can drink two servings for enough for a full meal.

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Insulin Plant: Costus Igneus Leaf Powder for Blood Sugar and Glucose Support?




Insulin Plant

The Insulin Plant is a product that provides consumers with natural nourishment to maintain balance in the user’s glucose levels. The product is available from the official website and is not presently available in stores.

What is Insulin Plant?

Diabetes is a major problem in the world, causing an imbalance in the body that prevents it from processing insulin properly. Rather than having to give the body another injection of this substance, the creators of the Insulin Plant found a better option.

According to a study in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, the continual use of this plant by patients already diagnosed with diabetes helped to reduce blood sugar levels effectively. The study also revealed that the patients with blood glucose levels that were not being controlled were able to bring their glucose levels under control with this formula.

The website indicates that the formula is safe for consumers that suffer from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and no bad side effects have been reported so far. However, users have seen better cholesterol levels and healthy blood sugar levels.

Purchasing Insulin Plant

The total cost to consumers for the use of Insulin Plant Leaf Powder will depend on how much the user wants to purchase at a time. Choose from either a two-month supply for $49 or a four-month supply for $78.40.

In the event that this product doesn’t work for the user, or they are unhappy with the results, the products can be returned and refunded within 90 days of purchase.

Contacting the Creators of Insulin Plant

Even with the information online, consumers may have questions. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the online form at

Insulin Plant Summary

Insulin Plant Leaf Powder is good for any consumer that wants to find a natural and manageable way to ease their imbalance of insulin in the body. The product seems to have significantly positive effects, but consumers that presently take any type of prescription to deal with their condition would benefit from first speaking with their doctor.

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