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Smart 2-Step System: Disinfect and Protect Surfaces with Smart Touch and Smart Shield



Smart 2-Step System: Disinfect and Protect Surfaces with Smart Touch and Smart Shield
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Making sure a home is clean is the first step to defending it against disease. Even as germs come in and out, the Smart 2-Step system can provide the necessary formula to eliminate it entirely. With the two products that this brand offers, consumers can even get free masks with the purchase.

What is the Smart 2-Step System?

There are two products that make up the Smart 2-Step System – the Smart Touch Multi-Surface Disinfectant and the Smart Shield Surface Protectant. The first step in this cleaning is Smart Touch, which manages to kill off 99.999% of the bacteria that builds up on non-porous surfaces with regular use. Even though the formula is made of 100% biodegradable materials, the creators state that Smart Touch can kill off the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the cause of COVID-19.

Next, users need to clean with Smart Shield. Smart Shield Surface Protectant features antimicrobial nanotechnology, which essentially makes it possible to protect any surface for up to 30 days (after cleaning it with the Smart Touch formula. Though the product won’t actually look like it’s on the surface, it offers an invisible layer of protection that bonds to the negatively charged microbes on the area that is cleaned. The same type of formula has already been used in hospitals and other commercial buildings, even with the water base.

The creators of this two-step cleaning system recommend using it on bathrooms, doorknobs, surfaces in the kitchen, and on work desks.

Purchasing the Smart 2-Step System

Featured through television ads and its own website, consumers will be able to get these two products for one price – $19.99, plus the cost of shipping and handling. With every order, a set of 10 disposable masks will be added for free.

Though this package can be ordered through the website, consumers can also call 1-800-963-0223 to speak with an agent instead.

Frequently Asked Questions: Learn More About the Two-Step System

Q: Does the Smart Touch disinfectant eliminate the risk of COVID-19?

A: Yes. According to the CDC’s list, this product uses the active ingredients that can kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Q: Is Smart Touch safe for use on food?

A: No. This formula is only meant to be used on non-porous and non-organic surfaces. The CDC recommends washing produce under running water, even for individuals that are not planning to eat the outside of the fruit.

Q: If the disinfectant is not used, should Smart Touch be reapplied anyway?

A: These products are designed to be a two-step system, and consumers should use them together. Smart Touch should be used as the first step, while Smart Shield protects that surface.

Q: Do odors come off of surfaces with Smart Touch?

A: Yes. Most of the time, odors are caused by bacteria that has continued to grow on a surface. Since the Smart Touch disinfectant eliminates the bacteria, it also eliminates the odor caused by it. Plus, Smart Touch is able to kill off mold spores and prevent the growth of new ones.

Q: How strong is Smart Shield?

A: Smart Shield is strong enough to protect consumers from the spread of bacteria. However, it is still safe for consumers to use without the need for gloves, as it has a pH balance of 8.5 and is non-irritating to skin.

Q: Can this product be used on wood?

A: Yes. Both the disinfectant and the protectant are safe for wooden floors and non-porous wood surfaces.

Smart 2-Step System Summary

The Smart 2-Step System cleans up any room without leaving bacteria and mold behind. It doesn’t operate as an air freshener, but it eradicates the presence of odor-causing germs to keep any home or office smelling fresh. It is safe to use these formulas on any non-porous surface, though it shouldn’t be used on food at all. Both products are biodegradable, and there’s no need to dispose of these formulas like hazardous materials.

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