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BambooFresh Towels: How do the Reusable Cleaning Towels Work?



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Cleaning a home takes several types of cleaning supplies, but few of these cleaning supplies are as versatile as a paper towel. These sheets allow consumers to clean up any liquid, dust, dry off surfaces, and more. However, they can be costly when it comes to constantly replenishing them. So how can consumers make cleaning their homes less work and even cost-efficient? BambooFresh Towels may be just the answer, the organic and large, reusable bamboo towels are advertised as durable, pesticide-free, cost-effective, and can be reused over and over.

What are BambooFresh Towels?

These bamboo towels are made of organic, high-quality bamboo fibers, making them incredibly absorbent. Their strength makes it easy to tackle many household cleaning projects, and large enough in size with each sheet measuring 11” by 12” and can easily be used for any cleaning job, and durable enough to handle the more labor-intensive projects. The BambooFresh towels are also extremely eco friendly, as the BambooFresh towels can be machine washed or just a quick rinse at the sink. Consumers can also save up to almost $200.00 a year by using the BambooFresh towels and can replace up to 62 rolls of paper towels per year, consumers can choose the BambooFresh Towels for the most environmentally responsible and cost-efficient option.

Frequently Asked Questions About BambooFresh Towels


Q: What can BambooFresh Towels be used for?

A: The BambooFresh Towels provide an ideal composition in place of paper towels, cleaning up messes at home, while traveling, during childcare, and more. The bamboo towels are also safe for use on skin as well as surfaces that need to be wiped.

Q: How big are each of the BambooFresh Towels?

A: Each sheet measures 11” by 12”. A single roll fits with any standard paper towel dispenser.

Q: How many times can the BambooFresh Towels be used before they need to be disposed of?

A: Each BambooFresh sheet can be used up to 120 times.

Q: How should BambooFresh Towels be washed?

A: Users can wash the towels by hand with a rinse at the sink or by placing them in the washing machine.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing BambooFresh Towels

The only place that consumers can find the BambooFresh Towels is on the official website, which has several packages available. The options include:

  • One BambooFresh Towel for $19.99
  • Two BambooFresh Towels for $32.90
  • Three BambooFresh Towels for $44.88
  • Five BambooFresh Towels for $67.25
  • Ten BambooFresh Towels for $119.50

If the user finds that this product doesn’t work with their needs, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.

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