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Pacific Naturals IGR+ Digestive Gut Health Supplement with Immune Support

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Pacific Naturals IGR+
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As their site explains, Pacific Naturals is a supplement company specializing in “superfood extracts grounded in timeless wisdom.” The organization is especially interested in merging these age-old concepts with modern dietary health science in order to promote a “better health” in the consumers that try their products. The company boasts that their products are consistently manufactured in pristine conditions in “certified facilities.” Offering a number of products, Pacific Naturals IGR+ gives users a wide range of exciting products for users of dietary supplements to enjoy.

In stark contrast with some of the newer companies entering the scene, one major selling point for Pacific Naturals is their extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. According to their website, they offer a massive manufacturing space, a history of effective manufacturing processes, as well as a ne $50 million “addition” to their existing manufacturing facility. The organization also possesses a number of certifications, including adherence to the coveted “Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)” standards leading the industry.

But as the industry continues to expand with little oversight from the Food and Drug Administration, American consumers interested in Pacific Naturals IGR+ products should carefully research and evaluate their products before making a purchase. This is not intended to be a comprehensive review, but instead an introduction into the offerings of this massive supplement company.

About Pacific Naturals

In addition to offering Good Manufacturing Practices and an impressive manufacturing scene, the company also presents five criteria for their “clean labeling” process. The company selects their ingredients using these criteria: quality, safety, potency, value, and efficacy. As a consequence, Pacific Naturals lives up to their name by offering consumers an efficient, clean, and effective product—“every time.”

Additionally, the supplement company employs “expert formulators” concerned more with producing quality, consistent results than “one-upping the competition.” As a consequence, the company is able to avoid many of the pitfalls of other companies, many of which focus primarily on following the latest trends, rather than producing a line of quality, healthy products for consumers to enjoy.

Pacific Naturals Products

Pacific Naturals offers products that fall into three unique categories. Pacific Naturals provides supplements specializing in digestive health, immune support, and metabolism. Among these product categories, the company offers a number of different products and formulas. Consumers are able to select the type of results they want, browsing the various formulas and contents before making a purchase. Prices are clearly and directly displayed on the Pacific Naturals website—a good sign for consumers sick of being misled with unfair pricing practices.

Claims and Promises

The claims made by Pacific Naturals vary significantly based on the type of product being offered. Metabolism-boosting dietary supplements come packed with promises that users could experience increased weight loss and decreased hunger, depending on the specific product. Immune supporters are supposed to decrease the likelihood that users will fall ill. A number of digestive health dietary supplements by Pacific Naturals come with their own potential benefits, ranging from preventing digestive upset to maximizing digestion efficiency.

As always the company is quick to establish the unsure nature of some of these claims. Their products are not vetted by the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, and should never be used as a treatment of serious illness.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Kristin Neva

    August 15, 2019 at 12:14 am

    I was having digestive issues and began searching for solutions. Pacific Naturals IGR plus came up in an ad on Facebook. When I went to their web-site I was impressed with the testimonials and that they offer a 180 day money back guarantee. I order multiple bottles of the product (4) to get a better price. The product didn’t work for me, but at least I could try it for free because of that money-back guarantee. Right? Not so. I called the number on the bottle. Turns out customer service is a third party company and I was told I could not get a refund because the product is consumable. I took screenshots of the guarantee on Pacific Naturals website as well as a chat with the company on their website in which the rep said all one needed to do to get the refund was call customer service. I called again. The second employee I talked to told me it didn’t matter if I had screen shots. He said his supervisor told him he’d get fired if he gave me a refund. I asked to speak with the supervisor. I waited on hold for twenty minutes but the supervisor never picked up. I am going to dispute the charge with paypal/my credit card company but I want people doing a search of the product to know of my experience with Pacific Naturals–if I get my money back it was not a simple call and refund with “no questions asked.”

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