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GlucoDefend: Allied Naturals’ Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Sugar Formula

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GlucoDefend is a supplement that can help balance high blood sugar levels to reduce the effects that diabetes can have on the body, alleging that their solution can reverse the condition. This product can only be ordered directly from the official website.

What is GlucoDefend?

Blood sugar levels can cause a wealth of issues in the body, though one of the most popular concerns that it can cause is diabetes. Diabetes is treated with a doctor-recommended regimen of diet, exercise, and sometimes insulin, depending on the type that the patient has. While this sensitive condition should primarily be handled by a doctor, the creators of GlucoDefend believe that they have found a solution as well.

The company that developed GlucoDefend state that Type 2 Diabetes begins in the liver, rather than the pancreas. For that reason, the creators focus on using GlucoDefend to manage the toxins in the liver, while flushing out fat. The creators further state that the liver creates glucose, which overworks the pancreas, and that it is possible to essentially reverse the onset of diabetes.

To create this effect, the website claims that there is a type of cinnamon that only comes from Sri Lanka included in the supplement for a faster metabolism. The company also includes banana leaf for reducing inflammation, gymnema for fewer sugar cravings, alpha lipoic acid for its antioxidant properties, chromium to fight insulin resistance, and other ingredients. In total, the supplement includes “19 premium ingredients” to help with blood sugar levels.

Using GlucoDefend

To get the desired results, users need to take two capsules daily. Claims on the website indicate that the use of GlucoDefend can cause a positive impact on the customer’s blood sugar levels within two weeks.

Even with the simplicity of this remedy, consumers should not be quick to stop taking any medications prescribed to them. The best option would be to consult with their doctor before taking GlucoDefend

Pricing for GlucoDefend

If a consumer wants to purchase the GlucoDefend remedy, a single bottle is priced at $69. However, consumers can save on the total cost per bottle by purchasing one of the multi-packs. The three-month supply brings the cost down to $59 per bottle, while the six-month supply reduces the price to $49 per bottle.

All purchases are covered by a 180-day return policy, and the company states that users “don’t even need to return the bottles” to get their money back.

Bonus Materials

Along with the supplement, the creators of GlucoDefend provide the user with some reading material that can help the user amplify their healthy lifestyle. The three bonuses are all e-books that are valued at $49 each, but the user gets the content for free.

The bonus guides include:

  • The 7-Day Liver Fat Detox
  • The 30-Day Blood Sugar Reset
  • The Diabetes Bible

Though this curriculum is not essential to the success of GlucoDefend, it can improve the digestive system and blood sugar levels.

Contacting Allied Naturals

Since the website does not provide many specific details on GlucoDefend, consumers may have other issues they want to discuss. The customer service team can be reached by submitting information through the form on their contact page.

Users can also reach out directly with the available phone number and email address:

The customer service team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:30pm PST, and on weekends from 9:00am to 1:00pm PST.

GlucoDefend Summary

GlucoDefend makes a lot of bold promises on the website about the effects that it can have on blood sugar levels, erasing diabetes from the user. However, clouded with personal information and few details about how the supplement can help with diabetes, the claims that the formula will reduce fat in the body makes it appear to be a supplement for weight loss primarily.

Patients that suffer with diabetes may want to speak with their doctor before putting their faith in GlucoDefend, especially if they have to take insulin to control the disease.

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