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NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: High Energy Portable AC with Powerful Cooling



NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: High Energy Portable AC with Powerful Cooling
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What Is NexFan Ultra Air Cooler?

With summer almost here, it’s important to have a cooling system that offers comfort, like the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler, which is a 4-in-1 device that increases the air quality while providing aromatherapy, refrigeration, humidity and air purification. Unlike other evaporator systems in its category, the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler provides clean and cold air faster, with a wind distance of up to 5 feet, as it has an atomizer that provides increased spray volume by depressurizing the water. Furthermore, it features a plant fiber curtain for soaking in more water and allowing more evaporation. The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler uses an USB charger, so it can be charged by a power bank or an outlet. The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler can be used inside the home or office and even outdoors.


Those who are worried about water leaking, can have peace of mind with this device because it features an enhanced structure that prevents any leaks. As a matter of fact, the sturdy container has been made and tested to also run quietly so there are no rattling and shaking vibrations.

Operating Power

What’s also great about the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler is that it uses less operating power and is the ideal cooler for when on the go. Being energy efficient means that it charges with a 10,000 mAh power bank and can be used for up to 12 hours of service with only one charge, which is a much longer period of time when compared to other coolers being sold on the market.


Super sleek and stealth looking, the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler keeps a low profile. Being very compact, and lightweight it can be carried when traveling in your luggage without any problem. As a matter of fact, it's no bigger than a handbag and weighs less than 2.2 pounds or 1 kg., and if the user wants, the NexFan Ultra air cooler can be used outdoors.

Noise Reduction

The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler is designed to block out noise by keeping it at under 68 dB, even when it works very hard to provide fresh air to larger rooms and spaces. It doesn’t matter what the weather will be or where it’s being taken, the NexFan's design allows the unit to run quietly so there are no rattling and shaking vibrations.

Operating Modes

When it comes to the way it operates, the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler has 3 different modes. It can be switched from normal Cooling to Purification and Aromatherapy. For the Purification Mode, it has a reusable nano-silver ion filter that limits contamination from inside the water tank and purifies the air while removing germs and odors. For the Aromatherapy Mode, it has ambient LED lights with 7 colors that can be set according to the mood. Aromatherapy is known to promote a healthier sleep and a calming state of mind.

Easy to Operate

The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler is as simple to use as a portable radio, seeing it only needs to have water added and holds up to a full reservoir of 500ml and ice can be added to the unit for faster cooling, just add to its tank, and the unit is easy to charge.  NexFan Ultra Air Cooler only needs to have the reusable filter cleaned once every 2 months. The filter can be either put in the washing machine or replaced altogether.

NexFan Ultra Air Cooler Summary

NexFan Ultra Air Cooler provides instant cooling, that purifies its internal reservoir, and cleans itself automatically.   The NexFan can be used indoors or outdoors to provide refreshing cool air with a USB charger, or plugged into an outlet in your home, once fully charged the unit can be used up to 12 hours. It comes with a nano silver ion filter to provide a germ free environment, and the user can enjoy the breeze from up to 5 feet away from the unit.  The company behind NexFan Ultra Air Cooler, offer guaranteed shipping in May, and offer a 30-day refundable warranty if the consumer is not satisfied. All details on the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler can be found on the units Indiegogo information and launch details page here.

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