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Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser: In-Home Medication Management

Deborah Killion



Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser
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The Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser is a device that provides the user with their necessary medication on a schedule, based on the information that the user puts into the app. The device can be ordered from the official website, and consumers can download the app from their smartphone.

What is the Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser?

Taking medication is an exact science, and consumers have to pay close attention to the frequency that these prescriptions need to be taken. However, as consumers get older, it isn’t easy to remember all of these doses, which is the problem that Hero is working to solve with their new pill dispenser.

The pill dispenser is connected to an app on the user’s smartphone, which lets them set up reminders of how frequently medication needs to be taken. However, in order to ensure that the user actually takes their medication, the app also alerts family members or loved ones if the user doesn’t confirm that they’ve taken the medications.

Along with acting as a reminder to consumers to take their medication, the app also keeps track of the over the counter and prescription medication that the user takes, automatically ordering refills with the Hero Fill service.

Purchasing the Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser

The total cost of the Hero dispenser is $399, and it can only be purchased from the official website. When the purchase is made, consumers have up to 100 days to try out the product before they are charged.

Shipping is free on these orders.

Contacting Hero

If there are any questions about the automatic pill dispenser, consumers can reach out to Hero by calling 1-855-855-9962. The team can also be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser Summary

The Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser is so much more than just a machine that gives consumers their medication. The connected app and the ability to refill prescriptions brings more value to this product, and consumers are given a chance to try out the service for 100 days first.

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