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Clipple: Safe Way to Solve Snoring Without Medication or Sleeping Masks?

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Clipple is a product that consumers can put on their nose to prevent consumers from excessively snoring. The product is presently being featured on Purch Expert.

What is Clipple?

Millions of Americans snore every night as they try to get to sleep. Some people are more prone to snoring when they are congested, while others sleep at a bad angle for their breathing. Sleep studies even show that consumers are unable to fully enter the sleep cycle while snoring, inhibiting their rest. The creators of Clipple believe they’ve found the solution.

The Clipple ring is made of silicone, and it hugs the cartilage separating the user’s nostrils. By using this device, the user should notice:

  • Better breathing
  • A reduction in snoring
  • Less dry mouth

The device is meant to be used multiple times and doesn’t need to be disposed of after each use. To keep Clipple carefully stored, it comes with a clear travel case.

Typically, consumers would be able to find this product at the official website for online use, which is However, the website was not working at the time of writing.

Contacting the Creators of Clipple

Even with the information provided online, consumers can contact the customer service team by phone call or email.

Clipple Summary

Clipple offers relief from one of the most common sleeping issues around the world. It isn’t meant to solve snoring that is related to sleep apnea, because this condition should be dealt with between the consumer and their physician. However, it will help with blockages that consumers regularly deal with while sleeping, preventing the reverberation in the throat that causes this noise.

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