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GroMD: Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray



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Did you know that over 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss in the US? That means almost half of both sexes have this issue.

As a result, there’s a huge demand for hair regrowth products, as well as an accompanying wide array of products all designed to help with that.

Whether they work though, is an entirely different thing altogether. But, there’s one hair regrowth product that really stands out of the crowd. It’s called GroMD.

What is GroMD?

This is a specially formulated hair loss product designed to help stimulate and encourage hair growth in men and women. In fact, it’s a hair loss prevention product that’s designed by doctors, and aimed at helping you get fuller hair.

This is very different from the many hair regrowth supplements in the market that do little or nothing for growing your hair. If anything, many of the available hair loss treatment options are a waste of money. GroMD isn’t one of those.

How Does GroMD Work?

The doctor developed formula works by inhibiting the production of certain compounds in the body. In this case, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). To understand why this is important, you need to understand how hair grows.

Hair growth usually goes through 3 different phases. The first phase is called Anagen. This is the initial growth stage, where the hair follicles start producing hair follicles that will make your hair. This is followed by the Catagen phase.

This is the stage where your hair starts transitioning and growing. The third stage is the Telegen phase. This is the point at which your hair growth slows down as it starts resting.

If your hair goes through all three stages, you’ll have no problems with hair growth. But, once just one of these phases is interrupted or interfered with, you can be sure that your hair growth will be impeded.

The key hormone responsible for this interference in most people is the aforementioned DHT. The ultimate effect of DHT on your hair is a shorter, thinning hair, which ultimately results in the loss of your hair.

If your hair has to deal with this hormone, you can be sure that you won’t enjoy decent hair growth. So, GroMD ensures that DHT isn’t produced by inhibiting the production of a certain enzyme.

Once that’s taken care of, your hair will either restore its natural growth cycle or start growing again if you’ve become bald.

GroMD Ingredients

It’s able to do this, thanks to a wide range of ingredients; all of which play a role in helping your hair grow properly. Some of the highly active ingredients in GroMD are:

  • Hairgenyl (yeast extract)
  • Planexia (Korean red ginseng)
  • Redensyl (Dihydroquercetin-glucoside, EGCG glucoside, Glycine, Zinc)
  • Capixyl (red clover)
  • Caffeine
  • Saw palmetto
  • Argan oil

These ingredients combined in the right optimum amounts, are what make GroMD such a powerful hair regrowth product.

Our Final Thoughts on GroMD

While there are many hair regrowth products sold as hair loss solutions, the truth is none has made the claims and their scientific approach transparent. This is the only company that’s done that.

The company has two products: the Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Follicle Activator Spray. If you’re beginning to lose your hair or are afraid of losing them, you should try GroMD. It just might help.

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